Make up!

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-a whole ass year later you bumped into each other and it was if that was all a faint dream

-you hung out with him as friends and y'all know how THAT ended

-you decided to give him another chance and you wanted him to give his all which he promised he'd do

-it hadn't been that long but he missed you like crazy

-he came to your house and begged for you to take him back

-he didn't even have to beg you took him back in the blink of an eye

-you hadn't announced it yet so it was like nothing happened

-you guys could barely survive the three weeks  apart and you both reached out

-you worked it out and made sure to never let anyone come between your relationship

-you got back together and your relationship was stronger than ever

-well because you were in a TWO YEAR relationship with someone else you two were so much more mature and different

-you guys started off as friends, y'all basically  started over

-he started to fall in love with you but you didn't feel the same, not at first anyway

-you got back together and he promised you he'd always treat you like you're his everything because that's you are

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