Did you date while you were broken up?/ how long were you broken up?

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-yes, and it was kind of a serious relationship

-you and Finn were broken up for a year so you moved on

-you dated Lilia Buckingham for a good six months before you two decided to call it quits

-absolutely not you were heartbroken

-you were broken up for like...a month

-and you spent that time bettering yourself

-you also made more friends so that's nice

-not necessarily

-you texted people who you could potentially date but never went to that next level

-you were only broken up for three weeks, so..

-are you kidding me!?

-you were in one with Ian Jeffrey

-you guys were real happy too, you dated for two years

-you broke up around your break up date with Wyatt, and he made sure to fight for you this time

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