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Aurora choked on her buttered toast as she heard a voice behind her, she turned her head to see Harry nervously fiddling his thumbs behind her, "Excuse me?" she asked, her eyebrows cocked up in confusion as she cleared her throat. She had just gone down for breakfast; later than usual due to the fact that the twins were already at the Quidditch pitch; where the first task would take place, as they dealt with the bets. 

"Dragons," Harry sighed, "That's the first task. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

Aurora's mouth flew open as she looked at the young boy, "Harry, the bloody first task is today. Do you have a plan?!"

Harry nervously scratched the back of his neck as his shoulders shrugged, "I-I'm not sure. I spoke to Professor Moody about it..."


"And I don't know, Aurora, I'm not good with spells," Harry admitted, "mainly ones that would work against dragons."

Aurora sighed, rubbing her face as she thought about it, "Your broom, Harry," she said, her lips pulling into a wide smile, "Your broom."

"That's what Moody said but I don't understand. I'm not allowed my broom, only my wand."

"You're allowed your wand, Harry," Aurora smiled as she stood up from her seat, "Wands can help you...locate certain objects," she patted the boys shoulder before she walked out of the Great Hall, her long hair flowing down her back and onto her denim covered shoulders.

The black haired girl made her way towards the Quidditch pitch, she knew if the first task really was dragons then more than likely Charlie Weasley would be here. 

"Place your bet, dear Aurora," she heard a voice call out from behind her, turning around she spotted her ginger twins and Lee running up towards her causing her to smile.

"Nah, George, I don't bet."

"Not even on who will die this year?" Lee asked in a humorous tone.

Fred quickly nudged the dreadlocked boy hard in his rib using his elbow causing Lee to let out a pained shriek before he finally realised what he said, "Oh, shit, A, I didn't mean it like that----it was a joke-."

Aurora gave him a tight smile, "Lee, it's fine, don't worry about it," she said causing Lee to let out a large sigh of relief.

"Where you off to then?" Fred asked, tilting his head as he looked down at Aurora, "The task doesn't start for another two hours."

"Well, since the task involves dragons I assumed Charlie would be here so I'm just gonna go down to see him," Aurora explained, pulling her denim jacket tighter around her body as a cold breeze swept past.

"Dragons!?" Lee exclaimed, looking between the Fred and George and the girl, "Why are you guys not as surprised as me?!"

George shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, "Heard a rumour about it," the ginger haired boy simply said, causing his friend to look defeated as he tried to remember if he heard anything about it too and just forgot. 

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