Meet You There...

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Part 3;

His POV.

Drunkenly swaying up the stairs one final time he made it. He had walked strait into the same bathroom where you had sadly ended life. With a drunken mind but a sober heart. He knew. He knew he had to be with you again and he couldn't wait any longer. So, he put pen to paper.

"I'm sorry family. I can't do this with out her it's to hard and painful. I hope you forgive me."

He ran the hot water and filled up the bath. Slowly laying himself in he picked up a half drunken bottle of vodka he'd left earlier and a blade.
After downing the vodka he studied the blade, in the exact way he had studied her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes.

Dragging the blade along his wrist, eyebrows furrowing in pain. Tears flowing with relief but heart wrenching in sorrow for his family.
Finally, he smeared his blood stained fingers across the bathroom wall. Forming a disheveled heart with both of your initials inside.


Your POV.

It was strange. One moment I was sat there, and the next I was beside the gates of heaven. I have been dead for at least a year now and nothing like this had happened, well not exactly. Strange things had happened, i have had the tingling feeling of him holding my hand but I brushed it aside thinking it was only because I missed him.

I have been watching over y/b/f/n and I was glad when he moved on. Pained but glad. Then when they'd broken up. I felt sad and sorry for him. Knowing how hard he'd tried to move on.

A blinding white light, as pure as the day it's self shone. And a familiar figure emerged.
It was him!
My breathing heightened and my heart wrenched. He looked confused and sad but his eyes had a hint relief and anguish.

He hadn't changed one bit. His hair was as messy as ever, shirt left untucked from his jeans, for some reason his clothes were soaked. Like, like he was just in a bath?

Suddenly it dawned on me when I saw blood spew from his wrists, covering my mouth with my hands and racing towards him, taking his hands in mine trying to wipe the blood escaping him.

Both our eyes welled up, waiting to see who broke first, it was him. He squished me into a bear hug lasting for what felt like forever. Neither of us intending to break it and we didn't until a loud booming voice, startled us tearing us apart.

Weeks passed before he would tell me how he had gotten here. I had my fair share of guesses but I wanted to know from him.
It was late one night, watching the tv burning our eyes out. Then he comes out and tells the reason of how he got here.

I knew it! I knew my theory was right.
He admitted to slitting his wrists in the bath. I couldn't contain it, I burst. My heart shattered, and my eyes grew heavy with tears. I couldn't believe it but at the same time I wasn't shocked.

I just sat there, a blank expression etched onto my face and no emotion lied in my eyes. I engulfed him into a hug that felt like it lasted for eons and thankfully nobody interrupted us this time.

As the years went by, we grew closer again. Him explaining how and why he had decided to take his life. Sadly we had both passed and we couldn't have a family of our own unless we adopted the children in heaven. Which is what we did.

Finally our family was complete. We had amazing children, twin boys and a girl. They wanted to give a home to a pet, so we decided to adopt a dog and cat, which being honest we I didn't think was the best idea, but I was so wrong. The dog and cat got on like a house on fire, ironic considering that's how they both died, and the children.

And that's how we all came to be this happy, loving family. I couldn't have wished for anything better. I am thankful for this ending, I just wish that the beginning wasn't as bad as it was.

The End.

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