Ghost Of You...

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Part 1;

Your POV.

For the very last time, I walked up the stairs. Tracing my hand along the walls, taking deep breaths. Slowly walking into each room, remembering all the memories we made together.
Wearing that t-shirt my boyfriend had bought on our 2 year anniversary at that concert we both really wanted to go to.

Fresh tears where forming in my eyes as I  remembered everything hastily grabbing a pen and paper from the bedside cabinet. Making my way to the bathroom, knowing it's the last time I'll ever walk these halls.

Writing out my final note my boyfriend and family whom I love very much.
"I'm 'm sorry I've disappointed everyone. I love you y/b/f/n. I love you family.
To y/b/f/n. I love you, I'm sorry I couldn't carry on. Please don't forget me, but do move on with your life. You deserve a happy and loving life, with a wife who treats you well and children that you ever so wanted.
To family. Sorry, I really am but don't split as a family because of me. I love all of you so so much.  I am just really sorry things couldn't get better."

Whilst I was writing a few tears dropped onto the paper.  After carefully folding it I took one last walk to the living room. Placed the letter on the kitchen counter and trailed back upstairs, regretting the impulse decision to go downstairs.

Once I made my way back to the bathroom, taking the razor sharp blade and filling the bathtub with warm water I lied down. Taking the blade to my wrists and finishing everything off.

Before everything had gone black, I faintly heard the rattle of keys in the door and my name being softly echoed around the empty house.
Then my eyes flickered shut, and I was finally at peace...

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