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Your POV.

You had woken up one morning, getting out of bed your b/f/n  normally turns over and tried to pull you into his chest. But he didn't do that this morning.
When you turned on the shower and stepped in. He didn't join you, like he normally would. You were becoming suspicious, as to why he hadn't made an effort to leave the bed. It was about 9am now and on a normal day both of you were up at 8:30.

You quickly entered your shared room, looking at your boyfriend, you studied his facial expression. His eyebrows were knitted together with anger and his lip quivered with pain. Confused you faced your dog, and for an unknown reason started asking him/her questions...
"What is going on?" Your dog barked in reply, confusing you even more. Trying to wake your boyfriend up again, you softly spoke his name but no movement came out of him.

Eventually he had left the bed and went into the kitchen, you followed him noticing all the empty beer bottles. Again and again you tried to communicate with him, but nothing changed it was still like you were just a ghost. Giving up you went back to the shared room and laid down on his side of the bed, accidentally knocking the pillow, only to notice a small note drop to the floor...

Hastily you picked up the note and instantly recognised your writing and then it dawned on you what the note was. It was your suicide note.
You wrote this a couple of days ago when you were at your worst, you had only wrote it to get rid of the emotions clouding your thoughts, you were never going to commit suicide though. Wondering how he had found it, then suddenly realising that you forgot to burn it. 

You cried and cried, curled up on his side of the bed, for what seemed like hours, realising what had actually happened when you saw y/b/f/n drunkenly staggering to bed grasping a half drunken bottle of vodka whilst tears streamed down his face. 

You did go through with it. You did commit suicide. Finally crying yourself to sleep, you heard soft whisperings of your name, immediately recognising that voice. Your body jolted up, your eyes darted around the room. You were in bed. With your boyfriend. Your do curled up between you. You where on your side of the bed. Y/b/f/n rubbing circles on your back, calming your breathing.

That's when it hit you. It was just one horrible nightmare.


His POV.

I was rummaging through her wardrobe. I don't know why I was doing it, but it was like there was some kind of force acting on me, drawing me to her wardrobe.

After 5 minutes of searching, aimlessly looking for nothing in particular, something caught my eye. It was a white envelope with my name carefully scribed onto. Hastily I opened, curious but nervous.

I wish I never had opened that note. The words on there were scaring me, making me more anxious than I already was. I read the letter over and over and over. Just to make sure that what I was reading was in-fact true and that my mind was not deceiving me. 

"To y/b/f/n,
I'm really sorry.  I couldn't carry on. I do know that I promised you I would talk if ever I needed but I can't bring myself to burden you with my problems. Your stressed enough right now and I can't add to that stress. I'm really sorry. I love you."

Those words broke me, quickly I ran to the bathroom, tearing out everything that she could hurt herself. Hoping that she'll come home one last time.

Time ticked by excruciatingly slow, it felt like years before I heard her car pull up in the garage. I jumped off of the bed and raced all the way to the door, engulfing her in a hug, tears pouring down my face, my hand still clutching the note.

Once I had finally released her, she looked shocked but that shocked looks quickly turned to shame and sadness when she saw that note. Quickly reassuring her that I would always be here for her and telling her that there is no shame in not being okay.

We had both headed off to bed that night content. I had drifted off to sleep a couple minutes after y/n had fell asleep.

Suddenly I was woken up to the sight of  y/n thrashing in her sleep. Hugging her small, fragile, perfect frame. Tears running out of her eyes and words softly escaping her lips.

I quietly said her name and gently shook her, trying to wake her. I had failed but when I had stopped her small body stopped shaking and she opened her eyes, she immediately wrapped her arms around my torso, which took me by surprise, and started to weep again.

Gently rubbing circles on her back with my thumbs I spoke to her. Asking what was wrong. And she only answering...

"It was just some twisted dream. I'll hold you closer than I ever did before
And you'd never slip away."

The End.

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