Chapter 7

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||2 Weeks after the eight arrive at the avengers||

Annabeth's P.O.V
It had been 2 weeks, yet no troubles. We had visited Camp Half-Blood a couple of times but really nothing has happened, leaving the eight a peaceful 2 weeks. Right now, Piper and Jason were training, Calypso and Leo were on their dragons flying around and Frank and Hazel were in the library doing.... well... they were just talking. Me and Percy we cuddled up watching Finding Nemo, Percy bursting into tears every now and then, claiming it was the 'feels of Nemo being lost' I just used it as an excuse to snuggle with him more.

Suddenly the alarm that meant all avengers had to meet in the hall was sounded, everyone rushed out of their rooms and into the meeting room. Since there had been no problem before, everyone wanted to know what was happening, when they got there, they saw Tony looking through the fridge before whining, "there's no ice-cream!" Piper cussed under her breath.
"If that is what you called us here to talk about then I swear I will decapitate you!" Tony slightly cowered at this but Captain walked in at the right time, "Tony's lucky because no, that is not the problem, a mysterious man has been seen stealing some valuables, everyone is coming except for you Annabeth," I glared at him, but before I could stab him, he continued. "This is because you will talk to us through ear pieces and with a security camera, if you see something suspicious then you tell us." This hurt my pride and the other seven could see it, they all had powers but I was useless, (I know a bit OOC but this is my book).

Everyone was at the park, I was looking towards the sky where the man was suppose to appear in a few minutes, I was in a little room on a computer, I was able to see through a drone, the gods have visited before and placed a barrier around the room, so I was protected from the monsters. The guy appeared and I saw him before anyone else. "Ther-"
"Annabeth can you not see that we are trying to focus on finding this man?" Tony cried out, I felt hurt, "but-" I was cut off again.
"Look there!" I noted that this person was Natasha, I sneered at her, that- that brat! I watched the screen intently, Percy was up on Neptune, Frank and Jason close behind on their dragons, they flew towards the helicopter, somehow the man seemed to see the dragons, he smirked and grabbed a gem from the bag, he whispered into it and the helicopter turned into a dragon, and the man turned his dragon around.

The dragon blasted a smoky ball at Jason who didn't have time to dodge, he fell to the grass with a thud, already knocked out, in only 3 seconds of fighting, one of the strongest was down, and I said one of the strongest, we had a whole heap so, t...

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The dragon blasted a smoky ball at Jason who didn't have time to dodge, he fell to the grass with a thud, already knocked out, in only 3 seconds of fighting, one of the strongest was down, and I said one of the strongest, we had a whole heap so, this guy could kiss his escape goodbye! Hazel was behind him but before she could swipe at him, the guys dragon's tail was swinging at her, she tried to dodge but the tail was thick and whacked her small body off her dragon, her dragon disappearing with a flash onto her neck, Hazel got stuck in a tree, her head hitting the stump as Frank turned into a flying squirrel and jumped off his dragon and flew to Hazel, but being occupied with making sure she was alright, he didn't see they smoky ball coming towards him until it was to late. 3 down, 9 to go.

With Clint unconscious, an arrow stuck in his arm and Natasha lying next to him, a large egg forming on her head, Percy brought Neptune up to the mans level, he jumped onto the dragon and bought out riptide but  the guy brought out a sought of laser thing and pointed it at Percy's hand which started sizzling and dropped riptide which fell down to the grass below and as Percy looked down for a second, the man had kicked Percy off, Percy landing on the ground with a crack, Neptune not making it in time, and he was out like a light. Iron man, Tony, started blasting at the dragon and man but they all turned around as the man put his hands forward, his own blasts knocking Tony out of the sky before he could recover from his shock. And he too was out like a light. "Want me to-" again I was cut off as Leo let a fireball loose, the sound of it blocking my voice, I may as well give up at the moment! But no, that's not how Annabeth works, I watched closely as the fireball was sent back at Leo, Leo jumping out of the way just in time, but he didn't go unharmed, his arm was burnt, somehow, even though he was fire proof, then I realise the guy we were fighting was something worse then we thought. But suddenly I knew something, it was from the prophecy, but there was no time to tell someone.

Calypso had one servant go and protect Leo who was groaning on the ground, his arm blistering a bright purply red. Calypso then sent another servant at the man but he turned the servant away, the ghosts eye's turning red, flashing yellow at times. Calypso brought out her dagger though she wasn't as good as the others, this led to her being knocked unconscious when the hilt of the sword that the servant held was knocked against her head. Captain America and Hulk were now the last ones left, after Leo passed out from the pain of his arm, the servant Calypso had, had vanished after Calypso was knocked out. Hulk rushed forward and swung his fists at the dragon but it through a smoky ball at his chest, Hulk wanting to just smash everything didn't notice this, the ball smashed against his chest, another was thrown, after three were thrown, Hulk was out, mumbling things about 'Hulk Smash' or something.

Piper tried charmspeaking but that didn't work and she rolled out of the way as a smoky ball was thrown her way, she looked up just in time to miss another ball coming for her, this time, she wasn't lucky, the smoke had done something to her eyes and you could clearly hear her asking where everyone went, this led to her also being knocked out by another smoky ball coming for her. Captain was the last left, he threw his shield at the guy who in return caught it, throwing it back at Captain, he dived out of the way but the shield followed him, and I knew this had to do with the gem, we had to take that off him. The shield caught up with Cap' and it hit him as he turned around, not having a chance to catch it.

The guy got off his dragon, juggling the gem in his hand, he whistled, "I thought there was 10 of you, guess not." I smirked at this, he didn't know I was watching, I got a good look at him, he was around our age, 18, he had sandy blonde hair, a slightly forming beard and bright blue eyes, he wore a beige trench coat, a black long-sleeved shirt tucked into beige jeans, brown boots hidden under the jeans. The guy looked at Percy, and waltzed over to him, his unconscious form giving me flashbacks from Tartar- NO! I can't think of that right now, what I had to do was save Percy. The guy brought a sword out and waved it around, placing the gem in a pouch, he put the pouch into his jeans pocket, his dragon walking up behind him. He brought his sword up, aiming for Percy's heart, and brought it down.

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