Things he says he hates, but he actually loves

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-when you dance

-okok he just messes with you when you dance around and says "my eyes!" But he thinks you're so cute and quirky

-he especially loves it when you dance around with your hair up, oversized shirt on, and short shorts on. You look so cute dressed like you don't give a damn

-he records you sometimes and watches the videos when he misses you

-when you ruffle his hair

-he always groans and complains but he secretly loves it

-sometimes he lets you play with his hair and he just feels so relaxed and at ease

-but he will always say "Not the hair y/n!"

-when you squish his cheeks

-you love his lil baby face and you can't help but wanna squish him like a squishy

-he always complains but he loves contact with you so it's complicated.?

-when you aren't looking he smiles

-when you kiss his nose

-he says it's "weird" and you "need to work on your aim" but we all know he loves it

-he thinks it's cute how you just have to kiss him there and it lowkey warms his heart

-he will never admit he loves it but you can tell

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