.- Splitting up -.

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"Now, where could he be? Miss (Y/N), do you have any ideas on where could the escapee hide?"

"Unfortunately, no..." You responded to the fluffy prince, as you four continued further, deeper into the fields. 

It's been about three hours of your search along with Ralsei,Lancer, and Dariah (she insisted that she would come along for assistance.)

You do admit, searching for this good for nothing asshole, it makes you really exhausted. But you can't give up just yet! 


You were taken out of the train of thoughts as Dariah shook you back and forth.

"Wha? What? Where? Who??"

Dariah groaned at your dumb response, "You've been overthinking again..." she muttered.

All you could do was give a little chuckle for a few seconds before opening your mouth to speak. "So, what do you want me to know??"

"I was thinking that the three of us and you should split up. In that way, we can find him alot faster.

And don't worry about calling the you or us if succesful. Screaming on the top of your lungs help." Dariah grinned at you.

Dariah, you and your stupid ideas.

"Yeah. Sure, why not?" You shrugged, you have no other response.

"Cool! This'll be fun!" The two children jumped in excitement.

"We're looking for a serial killer,you two. Not a unicorn."

"What's a unicorn?"

"Nevermind. Off I go then."


You were walking across the other side of the forest alonefor an hour, the rustle of leaves disturbing the deafing silense.

You have already talked to the shop keeper, a ragdoll cat named Seam. Or what is Shawm?


The fact of being alone, it bores you. You hate being alone, in a literal way, or in  a relationship status.

But hey, you won't be alone anytime soon.

Not like that, that is.

You'll find a way to capture Jevil, and make him suffer.

*The rustle of leaves and the thought of making Jevil suffer.

*It fills you with DETERMINATION.


Sorry for such a boring chapter.

I'll try to update some more, i promise UwU

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