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Author P.O.V

A 5 years old girl is playing in her room. She's playing happily with her stuffed animals. She make her toys talk to one another.

Meanwhile, her parents is downstairs... Having a serious conversation with each other about their beloved Daughter.

"I'm sorry to say this... But, we can't bring her with us, M/N..." F/N said. "B-but why? Don't you love her?" M/N said, as tears stream down her cheeks. F/N pulls his Wife into a hug. "Of course! But you need to understand... What we are gonna face... Is dangerous for her..." He said. "But abandoning her? Are you serious? She's still so young..." M/N wailed. "We don't have a choice... They're coming for us sooner or later... We can't drag Y/N into this... She still have a long way to go..." F/N said.

"Mommy? Daddy?" Y/N said. They turn to see her Daughter. "Y/N... Sweetie... Come here..." M/N said. Y/N runs down the stairs towards her welcoming hug. Y/N looks up at her Mom, with a worry expression. "Is there something wrong?" She said, wiping her mom tears. Only then her Mom noticed she has been crying.

"Oh... I'm fine sweetie..." Her Mom said. "But then... Why are you crying?" Y/N said. Her Mom turn to look at her Father for help. He got the message. "Y/N... Wanna go for a walk?" He said. Y/N eyes sparkles with excitement. "Yayy! I want! I want!" She squeals. "Then go upstairs and change your clothes..." He said. Y/N let out a cheer. "Okay, Daddy!" She said, turning and run back upstairs towards her room to change her clothes.

F/N turns to M/N with a sad smile, letting her know what will happen later. M/N broke into tears. F/N walks towards her and pulls her into a hug. "It's for the best..." He whispers. M/N just nods her head.


Y/N is walking around the town together with her parents. Her little hands is being held by both her parents.

They walk up a hill that's far away from their town. Y/N have fallen asleep on her mother's back.

They stop at the hill. "This is perfect... There's a lot of fruits so she won't be starving..." Her dad said, looking around the hill. He heard sobbing sound. So he turn his head around to see his Wife crying once again. He felt his own tears starting to stream down.

He walks over to his Wife, pulling her into a hug... Along with his little Daughter that is still sleeping on her wife's back. They keep crying, trying to not be too loud... Because they don't want to wake the little girl. They both know... After this... They won't be able to see their beloved little girl for God knows how long.

F/N place a long loving kiss on her Daughter's forehead. Then he carefully pick her up from M/N's back. M/N take out a small blanket and place it under a tree for shade. F/N walks over and place little Y/N on the blanket. M/N walks over and place a soft kiss on Y/N's forehead. "I love you, sweetie... Don't forget that... Please forgive Mommy and Daddy for doing this... We will find you again one day... I promise..." She said in a low tone, so Y/N won't walk up. Then she take out a necklace from her pocket.

(I'm Gemini

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It's a necklace with Y/N's Zodiac symbol as the pendant. Then clasp it around Y/N's neck. "It's suppose to be your birthday gift... But we don't have much time... I'm so sorry, sweetie..." She said, crying.

F/N place a backpack next to her... Which is  full of clothing that will fit Y/N when she grows up, along with other supplies that she might need. He also pack some Pokeball and Pokedex for her... As well as a small sized guitar... Even though Y/N is still 5, she can play well.

Then they get up and leave a sleeping little girl in her blanket. Before they are too far. M/N turn around to look at her precious little girl one last time. Then they left.

At Night

Y/N wake up and looks around her. She starts to cry as she didn't recognise her surroundings. Her cries attract the Pokemon around her. Each Pokemon stare at her with curiosity.

Then a soft glow appears in front of her. She looks up and stare at it in awe.

"What are you? I've never seen a Pokemon like you

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"What are you? I've never seen a Pokemon like you..." She said. The little Pokemon tilt her head (let's just say Mew is a girl). Y/N get up and outstretch her hand, wanting to pet the little Pokemon. The little Pokemon fly back. Y/N starts to tear up once again and look down.

The little Pokemon approach her, nudging her nose with hers. "Mew~" she purr. Y/N looks up at the little Pokemon, who wipes her tears with her small paw. Y/N giggles making the little Pokemon smiles. The Pokemon starts to make noises. Y/N frowns "I don't understand you..." She said.

Then the little Pokemon starts to glow. Then Y/N's body starts to glow. She closes her eyes and the lights stops. She opens her eyes and look at the little Pokemon.

"I'm Mew..." The little Pokemon said. Y/N's eyes widened in respond. "I-I understand you!" She exclaim. Mew nods her head. "B-but how?" Y/N said. "I have given you the ability to communicate with us..." Mew said gesturing towards the other Pokemon around her. She looks around. They start to talk with her, which she understand every single thing they've said.

A/N: that's it for this prologue. My first Pokemon story. I hope you'll enjoy this book as much as I do writing them. Bye!!

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