HOW he/you said I love you

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-You and Finn were arguing over the toxic fandom and how little you get to see each other

"It's not my fault y/n you knew what you were signing up for!"

"I didn't realize that literally the dumbest things could be put above me! I feel neglected Finn it hurts me!"

-he got all soft and wrapped his arms around you as you silently cried.

"Y/n, I'm sorry I ever made you feel like you aren't my number one. I love you and I should've seen how you were hurting."

-you stopped crying because A BITCH WAS SHOOK

"I love you too."

-you were at the zoo together

"Jae! Look at the tigers! They're so beautiful!"

"Almost as beautiful as you."

"Don't be gross Jaeden." You said scrunching up your nose.

"Don't be a brat y/n." He smiled.

"Well you're beautiful too..but not in a feminine way." She chuckled.

"You're so adorable y/n, I love you."

-that shit slipped like my dumbass on ice

-he got realllll nervous and scared bc he thought you weren't gonna say it back


"I-I-I'm sor-ry I-"

"I love you too Jae."

-good timing sis, good fucking timing

-you were lying down in your bed together, real close to passing out

"Don't go to sleep on mee." He whined.

"I'm trying." You said softly. "I'm tired as hell."

"What'll keep you awake?"

"Taco Bell." You answered smiling.

Jack chuckled "I don't feel like getting Taco Bell, I just wanna stay in bed and hold you."

"You'll be holding a sleeping y/n then."

He smiled down at you and kissed your forehead"I love you." You said in sync.

-how perfect, can't relate

-you were sick and he came over to your house to take care of you

"I feel like I'm dying!" You said sadly as you drank some water.

"One can only hope." He joked, earning an eye roll from you.

"Meanie." You pouted.

He gave you some soup and gave you another blanket. He sat next to you and you just stared at him, basking in how gorgeous he was.

"What? Don't tell me the sickness is spreading to your brain."

"Nothing." You smiled. "I just love you."

-he died, HE DIED. He was so red in the face, and speechless he could barely breathe

"Wyatt what's wrong?" You asked. "Did I say something wrong?"

He shook his head violently "No I-i just"

"You just what?" You asked. "Do you not love me back?"

"Of course I love you! More than anything!"

-that was it sis your sickness was GONE

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