Songs you play to annoy him

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-he's no fair all the annoying songs you okay he loves

-you'll only get a reaction out of him if you were to play some trap/rap/hip hop


-So play some Nicki Minaj or Migos and that'll do it!

-deepthroat by cupcakKe

-he thinks it's so nasty so you made sure to learn all the words, and sing it at super inappropriate times

"Y/n! That is disgusting! And that sounds like it would hurt, not a good idea. At all."

-you scream the words all the time, sometimes you randomly whisper a verse or lyric in his ear and he runs tf outta there

-Jack really hates the Daddy song for some reason.

-you always listen to it bc you lowkey think the best is fye or whatever 🤷🏽‍♀️

-he thinks it's annoying bc it's so repetitive but you like that bc it makes it easier to learn the words

-when you let him use your air pods/earbuds and you put that song on prepare to be ignored for at least 30 minutes

-baby shark

-if you're honest you hate that song too but watching Wyatt cringe makes you laugh

-you like to sing it when he least expects it, and you make sure to be very off key and loud

"Y/n shut up! That song is for children!! CHILDREN!!"

-you still sing it wtf

This is the Daddy song, it's fye and I recommend listening to it 👊🏽🤪

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