Chapter 26: The Punishment

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I looked behind me at Ivy's Garden, feeling disappointed. I had been so close... I supposed that I deserved what I was going to receive, as I had broken three out of Jeremiah's four rules. I hadn't listened, I embarrassed him in front of his men, and I left the hideout.. Damn, that was a personal record. If I had more time I would have committed my own crime, since I was already in a deep enough hole anyways. Jeremiah was there within ten minutes, and I hadn't even figured out what I was going to say to him. Jeremiah emerged from the car, a tired and hard expression on his face. Penguin kept his gun pointed at me. "This makes us even, right?" Penguin voiced and I rolled my eyes. Jeremiah had him doing his dirty work as punishment for tipping Barbra off the night he had almost died. "Right." Jeremiah said with a forced smile, and then Penguin motioned with his gun for me to go with Jeremiah. For a second I debated staying exactly where I was, but the look on Jeremiah's face told me that my games were done for the night. I walked over to him, hesitant to get too close. He opened the car door for me and I stepped into the passenger seat. I found it interesting that he hadn't brought his men with him and I assumed he dropped them off back at the hideout. Fear rose in my chest at the realization that we would be all alone. Jeremiah closed my door a little more forcefully than I would have liked before he went around to his side of the car. "Oh, I almost forgot." Jeremiah suddenly said before shooting Penguin's leg. The man doubled over in pain, clutching at his leg and staring at Jeremiah in outrage. "Now we're even..." He chuckled to himself before getting into the car. I held my breath as he closed his door and threw the car in reverse and sped away from the scene. The ride back to the hideout was thick with tension, and I played with my fingers to take my mind off of my current situation. I was afraid to look at him, afraid to say anything. As we parked in the garage and Jeremiah turned the car off, he sat in his seat for a second. "I own Gotham, Lilly... You can't get away from me." He said bluntly, with no trace of emotion as he was stating facts. I felt a chill run up my spine at that harsh reality, but I had chosen this. I had chosen him. And now I would pay for my actions. I saw my reflection in the car window, and I realized that my activities for the night did a number on my body. I had a bruise on my cheek, along with a few cuts that littered my pale face. I hadn't even realized that Jeremiah had gotten out of the car until my door opened and his hand extended to me. Despite my better judgement, my trembling hand slid into his and I got out of the car. Almost immediately I was roughly pressed to the side of the car, my back aching from the force of his actions. "You're going to go to down to the bedroom and wait for me. You better be naked by the time I get there." He hissed into my ear and I was so utterly confused on why he wanted to have sex after everything I had done. "What do you say?" He pressed me further into the side of the car, demanding an answer. "Yes, Jeremiah." I choked out, completely at his mercy. He released his hold on me, allowing me to move away from the car and then he motioned for me to walk in front of him. He wasn't taking any chances for me to run tonight. We were lifted back down to the hideout on the platform I had used in my escape. His men watched as we walked into the main room, Jeremiah's light eyes scanning the place with a sinister smile on his face. "Everyone greet your mother, see's returned home!" He announced and his followers waved and welcomed me, their actions done purely out of fear rather than any joy that I was back. I was close beside Jeremiah, my body wanting to shrink in on itself but he wouldn't allow it. "Go." He pushed me away from him and towards the elevator. "You have a call from Bruce Wayne sir." One of his men announced hesitantly, and Jeremiah nodded. "Yes, give the phone to me." He demanded and his men followed in suit. "Hello Bruce..." Jeremiah answered, and I couldn't hear any more of his conversation because the elevator doors had closed. I did exactly as he said and I went to the bedroom. I tried to strip off my clothing, but I couldn't bring myself to take off my white top or underwear. It was all so humiliating... I waited for him for about an hour, and running away from him proved to be very tolling on my body as I started to drift into sleep. Then the elevator dinged. I instantly jolted up, completely awake and alert. The doors opened and Jeremiah walked in. He had taken off the jacket to his suit, and boy did he look good in a shirt and tie. He walked over to the dresser and he took off his watch and belt. I gripped the bedsheets to keep myself from hyperventilating. "I told you to wait for me naked." He stated simply, and I saw him grab something out of his pocket while he approached me. I scrambled back but the headboard halted my escape. He grabbed my arm harshly and brought me up to him. I then realized what he had in his hand, a knife. He tore through my white shirt and then quite literally ripped the fabric from my body. He went to start working on my underwater but I was quicker and I slid them off to avoid any unwanted cuts down there. His eyes possessively scanned over my body, stopping when he found a hickey on my neck that he had left just the night before. I tried to erase the delicious movements of his hips and the loving way he would kiss my body out of my mind. But when I was so bare to him like this, I couldn't help but remember. His hand would my neck and he pressed his thumb into the hickey and I whimpered, the area still sensitive. "You're mine. Don't you ever forget that." He hissed into my ear, using his grip on my throat to bring me closer to him. "I'm yours..." I repeated, knowing that he needed this. "Good... Now you know the rules, and you chose to break them. So now I'm going to punish you. You are familiar with how this works?" He asked rhetorically and I nodded anyway. "I'm going to hit you, and it's going to hurt. That's the point, you see. So you'll never defy me again." He informed me and I felt my stomach flip as I considered trying to get away from him. But I was exposed and weaponless and he had a knife. He then patted his lap and I eyed him quizzically. "You're going to lay over my knee and I'm going to spank you." He declared, and on any other day I might find that statement erotic, but given the level of his anger I knew there was no play in his actions. "Now." He demanded and I yelped and did as he said, my body pressed to the top of his legs and my bottom in the air. He kicked my legs apart and intertwined one of his legs around my own, an action that would keep me in place in case I were to squirm. I felt his hand smooth over my backside before his hand came down hard on my right cheek. I winced, my body jerking up in response to the pain but he held me down with his free arm. His hits became more forceful with each strike, his anger building. "You made a damn fool out of me, running around looking for you! What are my men to think about my wife if you refuse to obey me? I have rules for a reason, do you think I'm a fucking idiot?!" He yelled, and I cried, attempting to get away from his torment but he had me completely trapped. "No!- Ow! Jeremiah please stop! I don't think that you're an- Ah! Idiot... It hurts, please Jeremiah!" I begged him, tears falling freely down my face, my backside almost numb with pain as a wild look in his eyes overtook him as he used all of his force on my punishment. He had never hurt me like this before, and I was terrified. No matter how much I begged, he didn't stop so I settled for wrapping my arms around his leg, bracing myself for each blow as it came. I sobbed quietly, willing myself to pass out from the pain. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, he stopped. My mind was dizzy with the trauma of what had just happened. "I want you to think of this when you try to sit down and walk for the next couple of days. You are mine, and you will do as I say." He stated calmly, although his labored breathing proved that he had expended a lot of effort. He waited and I realized he expected me to respond. I wasn't about to be hit again. "Y-Yes, J." I responded in between my sobs as Jeremiah helped lift me off of him. I crawled onto the bed, laying on my stomach as laying normally would be too painful. My body was so incredibly tired, and I felt a blanket cover me as I drifted off into sleep.

I'm on a roll with these chapters haha. I go through periods were I have a lot of ideas of where I want a chapter to go, and I rewrite a couple different versions before I pick one that I like the best. That's why it takes me a while to update sometimes because I'm trying to think of where I want the plot to go. Sometimes once I've written a few chapters in a row, the plot line becomes clear to me so I write as much as I can while I have that spark. Anyways, this chapter may have been a little hard to read, trust me it was hard for me to write. I don't enjoy writing about abuse, which is why I can't just have Jeremiah hit her across the face. But it was important to me to show that he is a different man now, one that is much more violent and angry as the Joker. That's why I opted for more of a BDSM approach, because that's more consensual? Haha idk what I'm even saying. Well I hope you guys have enjoyed these updates and I'm currently working on the next chapter where they pick up all the pieces. Love y'all!

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