Your favorite show to watch together

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-you both like to watch Rick and Morty together

-he thought it was dumb at first but you thought it was hilarious

-he always buys you weird merch because he knows how much you love the show

-he usually watches it when he misses you

-you watch My Hero Academia

-is it that surprising that y'all watch anime's together?

-you love watching the show with Jaeden, and every time you watch you always eat sushi and drink Strawberry Japanese soda (the best kind)

-you two are real dumbasses so you like to sing the theme songs like you actually know what the hell they're saying

-you guys like to watch the ORIGINAL Jersey Shore

-big surprise! He caught you watching it one day and decided to join in, and now he's obsessed

-y'all looove watching drama unfold, especially when it's between young people with New York And Jersey accents in the 2000s

-you guys also watch the spinoffs and obsess over Snooki, JWOW, Vinny and the gang together

-weirdly enough you guys like to watch Dr. Phil together

-you like to watch it because Dr. Phil is a fucking icon, he likes it because Dr. Phil is dank as hell

-you guys tune in EVERYDAY and get so annoyed/sad for the people on there

-you two share the same opinions on many topics and you like having conversations about what happens on the show

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