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Chaeyoung was packing all her things into her bag while munching on her toast with her hand made strawberry jam on it. She took the toast off from her mouth and squealed, "Done!" then her room's door opened revealing her mother.

"Are you done, yet? Dahyun's downstair."

Chaeyoung smiled nodding, "Okay."

She was about to followed her mom downstair, when she remembered something. She turned her body toward her desk and took her camera with the charger and put it in the camera's bag along with the charger. "I nearly forgot about you. Sorry-imnida." she whispered while stuffing her camera into her bag and went downstair.

Dahyun was munching on her toast on the dining table when Chaeyoung arrived. "Finished?" Dahyun asked with her mouth full of toast got her voice muffled by it.

Chaeyoung nodded, "Finish your food then started to talk." she said patting the older girl's head shooking her head. She went to the refrigerator and took a carton of strawberry milk from it. A big carton. She opened it and drink it immediately. Dahyun who saw this stopped her chewing and screamed,"How can you drink like that!?" making some breadcrumbs that she had chewed spitted out from her mouth. Chaeyoung covered her body from the breadcrumbs. "Lord, how can you be that shabby!?" she cleaned her body from the dirt and went to the counter to took a tissue and wiped her dirty body. Dahyun just grinned goofily looking at the mess that she made. Chaeyoung took a piece of tissue again and went to Dahyun wiping the latter's mouth.

"Strawberry maniac!" she teased when Chaeyoung wiped her mouth.

Chaeyoung had no interest in it as she kept wiping the older girl's mouth while saying "yes, yes." While Dahyun kept teasing her. After done, she threw the tissue to the trash bin, "Let's go?" Dahyun nodded and took her bag from the chair biding her goodbye to Chaeyoung's mother. Chaeyoung also did, but when she was about to went out, her mother called her.

"You like Dahyun, don't you?"

Chaeyoung who heard, got flustered as this is the very first time someone would think that she and Dahyun had a romantic relationship. "What? No!" she roared at her mother.

"Omo. You don't have to yelled at me like that." her mother smiled teasingly.

"Whatever. I'm going!" she yelled and went out from the house.

"Okay! Be careful, you brat!" her mother shouted back at her shooking her head with a naughty smile on her face.

"What's the commotion in this early morning?" Chaeyoung's father scratched his head while yawning and stretched his body standing on his tip toes.

Her mother chuckled and continued her cooking, "It's Chaeyoung. I think she likes Dahyun, honey."

Her dad still scratched his face with her sleepy eyes, "Oh? Dahyun? I thought they were bestfriend."

Her mother then hummed thinking, "You're right. Maybe I'm wrong."

Not long, her dad saw a mess on the floor caused by bread that Dahyun just spitted before. "What's this?" her dad growling looking at now messy floor.

"Oh, they were playing." her mother answered calmly.

"But they have to cleaned it after no matter what." her dad started to nag to the air not knowing who to blame. He kept nagging and nagging but clean the floor eventually.

Her mother chuckled, "Clean freak."


Chaeyoung and Dahyun were standing on the field with the other 3 grade students. They were lined up in groups by classes. Everyone was listening to the teacher's speech about safety or something something that they had to paid attention to. Chaeyoung was on her bored mood then felt a poke on her arm from her behind. She turned her head to behind slightly and found Dahyun was the one who poked her.

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