Chapter 33

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After breakfast and cleanup Will and Terra resumed the training, further honing skills learned in the previous days. At first bouts of playfulness interrupted the exercixes, but as they reminded each other of the reality beyond their current sanctuary the mood became more serious and the effort more intense. The unusual warmth of the day eventually took its toll and they collapsed on the porch winded and drenched in sweat.

After resting for a moment Will suggested going down to the pond for a picnic lunch and to catch some fish for dinner. They spread a blanket near the water's edge under a shade tree. Will showed Terra the basics of fishing. The fish were biting and soon, between the two of them, the stringer filled. After eating a simple lunch of bread, cheese, and fruit, they lay side-by-side and hand in hand looking up at the clouds.

Terra rolled to her side and broke the silence. "This place. You. These days have been so wonderful. I wish we could just stay here forever."

Will sighed, still looking toward the sky. "Yes. But the real world would eventually find us even here."

She rolled into his arms and whispered in his ear. "I love you."

He hugged her tighter. "And I love you."

After a few minutes snuggling Will rolled her off of him. "Eww, hot and sweaty. I think we need to get in the water."

Terra put an exaggerated shocked look on her face. "But how do we do that without getting our clothes wet?"

She smiled as he began to undress her and then himself.  Unencumbered by clothing, they took a few steps to the water's edge. Terra hesitated, then gasped as Will lifted and slung her over his shoulder. He walked in until the clear cool water became thigh deep.

He grinned mischievously. "Sometimes the best way to enter water this cool is to just get thrown in."

Terra's eyes widened as she grabbed tightly on to him, shifting herself to squeeze her legs around his torso and wrap her arms around his neck. "No, Will! You don't understand. I can't swim."

He paused. "Amazing. Terra Lorr does have a limitation. I mean, besides sunrises." He continued with a nod. "Okay. It is not very deep in this part. Release your grip on me before I pass out and I will let you down easy."

Will slumped down into the clear water holding Terra in his arms. She shuddered and squealed on contact with the cool water. Eventually, she relaxed as the initial shock wore off, but she still held on to his arm. The water came up to Will's upper chest as he sat down on the bottom. He shifted Terra so she was sitting on his lap and leaned back into him as he wrapped his arms protectively around her.

She cooed, "This is nice."

She turned her head back and kissed him as his hands explored her body beneath the water. 

They jumped in surprise at a loud whistle from the cabin. She slid down off his lap and flailed in the water to keep her head from going under. Will reached for her among the splashes and lost his balance, becoming completely submerged. As the spectacle unfolded the woman on the porch doubled over in laughter, nearly stumbling off the porch edge. Even the man with her could not suppress his amusement.  Their vehicle sat parked near the cabin. 

Will tilted his face down and put his hand to his forehead as he recognized the visitors. "Oh no. Ginny. And Pastor Joseph came with her."

Will and Terra covered themselves as best they could as they came out of the water, putting on a staggering dance as they struggled to put their clothes back on over wet skin. At the sight, laughter overtook Ginny again. Terra blushed as she and Will approached the porch.

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