Chapter 12

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Coming back from the gym Monday morning I couldn't help but feel like I was starting my whole week off on the right foot. Last week had been stressful for me and I was able to clarify things with Ben, have a serious heart to heart with Miles, and really establish a new relationship with a dad that has always wanted me. 

The last thing that I had expected was for there to be someone knocking at my door at 8 in the morning. The other thing that I had found weird about this whole situation is that normally, if someone was not a normal person that would visit one of the tenants in this building we would get a call from one of the door men that were working that day. Since it was morning it was usually an older gentleman by the name of George, and he would always call me if he didn't recognize someone. 

I couldn't figure out why Ben or Jules would be stopping by so soon and without a phone call. I grabbed some casual lounge wear that included a loose tank and shorts and practically tripped trying to walk quickly to the door and put clothes on at the same time. The only thing that was running through my mind as the knocking continued and with a harsher force, is that there had to be some kind of emergency. 

I had swung the door open in a hurry only to be met with the steely hazel eyes of Theo. I couldn't help the confusion that came over me as he barged into my open door and walked past me. 

"Uhhhh.... come on in... I guess?" It took me a moment to realize that George or whoever was working this morning never rang me to tell me that I had a visitor. "What did you do to my doorman?" I asked him.

He was taken back by my question and before he could respond I grabbed my phone and dialed the front. 

A soft male voice greeted me. 

"George? Is everything alright?" I turned my back to Theo trying to focus on the sweet older man who would always greet me with kindness. 

"Oh yes, I'm so sorry Mia. The man down here he said it was a surprise that I shouldn't bother you. Are you alright? Should I call security?"

I let out a sigh of relief. "No, that's okay I can handle it from here. It was quite the surprise. Thank you."  He said a cheery goodbye and I quietly hung up. 

I turned back around and before I could ask him why he came he was back into his intimidating stance and he practically growled at me. 

"You do not belong in the club." Theo's body was tense and he was glaring holes into my head. It took me a moment to realize what he had said, and even when I heard the words and repeated them in my head I didn't understand. 

"I'm sorry what?" 

"You don't belong in the club. You don't belong in our world. You would be doing yourself and all of us a favor if you back off and have your daddy-daughter relationship in your own world." He didn't even try to leave room for an argument in his demand for me to leave all of them alone. 

"Excuse me? What the fuck did I do?" I could feel myself getting angry as I thought about the past weekend. I was truly under the impression that everything was fine, that I didn't do anything to embarrass, humiliate or shame any one. I didn't understand what I could have possibly done to Theo. At the same time I only thought to myself, isn't this the guy who told you to give Miles a chance in the first place? That he always wanted me? 

"You didn't do anything. You just don't belong. You and your perfect life, look around you for God sake!" His eyes widened as he yelled at me and I couldn't help but cringe when he flung his arms around to indicate that my apartment and life was so perfect.

"Me and my perfect life? You don't even know me, you asshole! You're judging me and telling me that I don't belong because my life is perfect? Are you honestly kidding me?" I responded back with just as much anger and indignation. 

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