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when the boys knock on the door, louis panics cause he's wearing nothing but harry's old red flannel and harry's got a raging boner because of it. plus they're both a bit sticky and it's super awkward when harry rushes around their shared bedroom, cleaning himself and louis off and frantically searching for his recently purchased purple flannel. (when harry showed louis what he had bought, louis had rolled his eyes and said, "everyone already knows you're gay, harry, you don't have to remind them."). harry pulls some pants on right as niall shouts, "hurry up, you dickheads!". he grabs louis's t-shirt to cover up his boner and runs to the door.

"you're early," he growls. 

"sorry mate!" niall says, oblivious to harry's annoyance. "we brought pizza!" and before harry can say anything, the three of them are spread out in the living room, already flicking through the movies on netflix.

"'ey, harry, where's lou at?" niall asks, shoving a piece of pizza in his mouth.

harry feels heat rise to his cheeks as he remembers the sight louis in his flannel from only moments ago and presses a hand down on his crotch. "uh, just a minute." with the shirt still covering him up, he disappears into he and louis' room.

"lou?" he asks.

"yeah, haz. i'll be out in a sec," louis responds from the bathroom and harry furrows his eyebrows because he's still wearing harry's flannel.

"i thought you hated my flannels," he says but cant help but smile because god, louis looks gorgeous.

"yeah, yeah. but i like this one," louis mumbles and he's got a light pink color on his cheeks that makes harry want to kiss every inch of him. "i'll be right out, m'kay?"

"yeah, 'course," harry says.



"you've still got a massive boner, love." louis giggles and pats harry on the cheek. harry's lying if he says he's not completely outraged that louis is walking out and letting the other boys see him looking like that: with sweats that are too tight in the ass and a white shirt and harry's favorite flannel.

in fact, harry's a bit paranoid when he sees zayn walking over to louis with a cheeky grin on his face and it takes everything he's got in him not to march over there.

but zayn and louis have been best mates since forever ago so harry just huffs and sits next to niall, who's also keeping a close eye on zayn and louis. "hey, ni? hows it going with z?" harry whispers, checking that liam is still distracted with picking the black olives off his pizza.

"dunno. 'm starting to give up, h." niall turns away from louis and zayn. "besides, i still dunno if zayn's into guys, y'know? like i know he's made out with a few of 'em, but he's always been wasted. and he's been on plenty of sober dates with this one girl he's been seeing."

harry nods because he knows zayn's been seeing someone so he shoots niall a sympathetic look. "sorry, mate."

niall shrugs, "how about you 'n lou?"

"what do you mean?"

"c'mon, h. louis can't stop talking about babies, it's all he's thought about since you proposed. 'm sure he spent the night of your wedding poking holes in all your condoms!"

harry groans and leans into the couch. "shit, ni, i don't know. i want kids, sure, but i'm just not ready. hell, i burnt my microwavable mac 'n cheese yesterday, how am i supposed to provide meals for three people three times a day, everyday?"

niall laughs. "h, don't worry about it. you're more ready than you think you are, i guarantee it."

before harry can respond to this, louis and zayn have joined them on the couch. "what'll it be, gentleman?" zayn asks, taking a seat between niall and liam.

"i'm in the mood for a romantic comedy," liam pipes up.

"fuck that," niall joins in, "c'mon, z, let's do a horror movie."

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