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After both Ivan and Ace finished talking with Sir, they decided it was a good idea to let me have the day off school

he called papi informing him about what happened in class. I guess papi understood since he said he'll be picking me up at Ivan and Ace's house

So now I'm being carried by Ace to what I'm assuming is their car.

Ivan opened the door to the front and Ace went in to sit down with me on his lap

I turned over to give Ivan a confused look while he was going into the driver's seat, he looked my way and gave me a smile

"We didn't exactly know we were about to meet you little one, so we didn't really had any time to safe proof the back seat" he said, I nodded understanding him

I leaned back into Ace's chest, listening to his heartbeat as we droved off into the distance...

A few minutes later, we arrived in front of a beautiful house. it's not big or anything but it has a cozy atmosphere and its decorated with lots of flowers outside!

it's so cute and cozy

I was about to open the door when a hand stopped me, I looked over at Ace as he raised his eyebrow at me "what do you think your doing babygirl?" he asked

"um opining dur?" I replied

"well, since we haven't given you your rules yet, we'll let it slide" he said while he was waiting for Ivan to open the front door "but just keep in mind that a princess must never open her own carriage okay?" I nodded

"oki doki acy" I gave him a grin, he gave me a smile back and petted my head "good girl"

I've never felt so loved before...

Once Ivan opened the door Ace stepped out first and held out his hand. I just pout and made grabby hands for Ivan, he just smirked at me, I was getting a bit impatient and made whining noises towards him

"ah ah ah little one, you don't whine, you ask politely.." he said "now, what do you want me to do?"

"me want uppies Ivyyy" he smiled

"that's better"

he lifted me off the seat and placed me on his hip, I buried my head on his neck as Ace locked the car and made their way to the front of the house

When we got in I was surprised at how homy it looked and how fully decorated the house was

Ivan saw how awestruck I was and gave me a smile "Our mom visits us a lot baby, she didn't want us living in such a boring plain house"

"so she insisted on decorating it to give it a warming aura.." Ace finished getting me from Ivan's hold

"ohh oki" I replied

yeah yeah I know everything's moving way too fast

dOnT jUdGe MhE

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