Tower of heaven

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*Natsu pov*

We are all having fun splashing and swimming around in the sea. Well everyone except Y/n, she's just wearing shorts and a cream shirt reading a book sitting on the beach chairs. I got up from the water and walked towards her. "Y/n, let's go in the water!" I said cheerfully. "Nah I'm good here." She said not taking her eyes of the book and taking a sip of f/d. "But everyone is having fun except you!" I whined sitting next to her. "Natsu..this is what I call fun." She replied taking a quick glance at me before returning to her boring reading.

I snatched the book from her hands and burned it to ash. "There! Now you have to swim!" I said both hands on my hips and giving her a toothy grin. She was very..pale. "" Erza asked in a shaky terrified voice. "He...burnt her book.." E/n said shaking and backing away dragging Silver with her. "It was nice knowing ya Pyro." Gray said getting far away as possible with Lucy following closely behind. "What? I don't see what's wro-." I cut myself off when I saw Y/n eyes turned red ((if it's already, then it'll be black instead)) and her magic rose drastically.

"You'll pay Natsu!" She yelled pouncing at me. She punched me then kicked me towards the water. "That was a fucking good book and I didn't get to finish it! I was just about to find out who's Grindewald to him!!" She yelled crying anime tears even though her eyes held hatred a d I barely have enough time to fight back when a whirpool sucked me in. I couldn't brake out no matter how hard I try. The whirlpool dispersed but before I can swim to the surface. Y/n did a water Dragon roar and blast me towards a rock. I was expecting another attack but instead I got dragged out of the water by Stripper.

"You're lucky Erza was able to persuade Y/n to buy cake and books with her." He said before leaving me on the sand. I couldn't move due to the last attack, I felt like my bones broke, just then, Silver walked up to me along with E/n. "So this happens when you take her book away?" Silver asked the yellow cat. "Yup. Last time someone took her book away was Laxus. After that day, everyone learned to never take her book away." E/n explained giving me a 'you're an idiot' look.

"And so Bickslow thought it was funny to dump a bucket of glue and feathers on me for making Laxus where a pikachu outfit." Was heard, I immediately recognized the voice to be Y/n. "He actually did that? Wow. So was that why you have a few feathers behind your leg and why Bickslow didn't come into the guild for 2 weeks?" Erza spoke, I turned to face them to see Y/n nodding and taking a piece of her cake.

We made eye contact..She just ignored me and put her cake down. "Well.. since I couldn't find any good books. I'll just go swimming." She said before she re-equiped to a black bikini, causing me to get a slight nosebleed. She ran passed me and gave herself a boost with her wings to a deeper area of the sea and dived in it. "Wait for me!" Stripper yelled running after her.

"Alright Fulbuster! Let's have a gliding competition!" Y/n said with a mischievous grin in her face. "Sounds like a plan. But I don't see any boats around." He replied looking around. "That's the fun part! We'll use our magic!" She said excitedly. 'Who said I have broken bones? I'll join!' I thought getting up and swimming towards them. "Okay so whoever get to the cliff first wins and the losers have to buy whatever the winner wants." Y/n explained. "Aye!" Gray and I cheered.

The water rose her above it and now only the bottom of her feet are touching the water. Gray made a plank of ice and stepped on it while I stayed in the water. "Ready. Set. Go!" She declared. She blasted off using her Water Dragon magic. Stripper used his ice magic and blasted as-well leaving a trail of ice behind while I used my fire to give me a large boost, leaving me next to Gray.

"Come on guys! You're far behind!" Y/n yelled ahead of us. "I won't lose!" Gray and I yelled. Y/n end up winning...we have to buy her cake...

*Y/n pov, your room.*

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