Part 11

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P.s- dialogues in between brackets are her local language which is unknown to Karan.. also I dont know tamil its just few lines I've translated from google...

Sorry for being late and typos as usual!!


"Amma!" She choked with the voice registering her mind

"(How are you tirupu)" amma asked

She sniffed back a sob and heaved a sigh

"(Where have you been.. You left your phone.. No one knows a thing about your whereabouts. Khushi and other kids are missing and you to disappeared!) amma sobbed so as Tripura

Karan shifted his chair towards her and held her by her shoulder.. He rubbed her arm when she was inconsolable

"(Are you alright?)" She finally asked

"I am fine amma"

"aur ye bichme hi Shaadi! Without informing me?" Amma scolded

Tripura kept her mum

"wo sab chodo... You two look cute!" Amma smiled looking at a photo of theirs in the newspaper "Where you met him!"

Tripura blushed suddenly in her devastated crying face which surprised Karan

'Women!!' He thought

"How is my Son-in-Law?" Amma asked

Tripura looked at Karan and replied "Avar Appavi (He is innocent)"

"Speaker phone pe daalo.. I wanna talk to him"

"speaker phone pe daalne ko keh rahi hai" she affront

"yeah sure" and without skipping a beat he had the phone on speaker and greeted


Amma was delighted to hear his voice

"Hello.. Maapillai" she greeted while karan gave a confused look at Tripura

"Son-in-law.." She informed which surprised and made karan blush

"amma, avar tamil teriyatu (he doesn't know Tamil)" she informed

"aiyo.. Sorry" she apologized which brought a smile on Karan's face... She sounded same like Tripura.. Or Tripura is same as her amma...

"But you have to learn Tamil maapillai (damadji) Tripura's Hindi is so bad" amma complained

"amma! What's wrong with my Hindi?" Gasped Tripura

Karan smiled at the tone of comfort between Tripura and amma... So much happened but their smile is still the same

"Everything" amma started " Damadji" she called making him alert "she was at a garmnets shop one day in Banglore and she asked the guy to give her dhoti instead of a saree which she wanted" amma chuckled so did karan but he muffled his laugh when Tripura glare at him

"unkil (uncle) wo dhoti (do) fancy dress k liye" amma mimicked a small tipsy while karan burst into a laughter

"amma I was 8 at that time! What are you telling your Maapillai here" she pat her temple in embarrassment

After a healthy laugh.

"Beta.." Amma called which startled karan "I can call you son right?" She confirmed but he was lost in the gravity of that word

How he craved to hear this, in movies he had many actresses play his mother but never they had this tone of warmth in them... He searched for that few seconds of love

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