Chapter Two: My Prince

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Not so long ago, Shownu inspired me to apply to this Shinwa Academy.

See, we met by pure chance. It felt like lighting struck or that I hit the lottery when I first saw Shownu,

My life changed ever since that day.

My family owns a small chain of coffee shops. Shownu often stopped by when I was at work behind the counter. We built a bond once I noticed that Shownu always ordered the same drink, usually at the same time.

A Lavender Cappuccino  at 7 am every Saturday.

I soon learned that this was his one "indulgence" every week.

Something in the back of my mind told me that Shownu was a very responsible  guy. But I would have never guessed that he was the heir of a rich  family.

One particular day, Shownu showed up at the cafe just before closing time. It was  pouring down rain outside. I heard there were supposed to be  lightening storms later. When Shownu appeared out of the fog and darkness, he was  holding a textbook over his head to shield from the rain.

But the textbook did him no good, as he walked in with his clothes soaking wet. I hurried to get him a dry towel before bringing him the  cappuccino.

"Why so late today?" I asked him, taking a seat at the table across  from him. If I had customers, I would have acted more professional. But  the cafe was empty, largely because of the raging storm outside.

"I was busy, but I still wanted to see you." He replied nonchalantly before bringing the cup to his lips.

My breath stopped for a moment, unsure that I heard him correctly.

"W-what?" I asked, stunned.

'He wants to see me? He went out of his way to fight through the rain just to see me?'

"It's just that... I really like you, Yuri." Shownu confessed. He set down  the cup before looking up, his kind eyes staring into mine. Water  droplets that fell from his hair stole my attention for a moment, "You're the kindest  person I know. Soon I won't be able to see you anymore."

Oh, that's so nice... wait-

"Why?" I asked, becoming disappointed.

"It's just that... I'll be transferring to a new High School soon. And it's far away from here." He replied, "Shinwa Academy."

"I've never heard of that school..." My voice trailed off.

If he transferred high schools, that meant he wouldn't be going to the cram school on Saturdays. And the cram school was just by our cafe, which was the reason he stopped at this particular cafe.

So does this mean he's going to disappear and I'll never hear from him again?

"Well, it's not very famous." He laughed, taking another sip of  coffee. "Too bad I won't see you as anymore. No one else can make a coffee  quite like you do."

"Yeah..." I forced a smile, though my mood was completely ruined. I was always excited to see him every Saturday.

'Now I may never see him again.'

But I didn't have the courage to tell Shownu that I fancied him.

So this would be goodbye... or so I thought.

"Good luck with school." I smiled.

Both of us were third year's in high school. Next year would be our Senior years.

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