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Ethan's POV
"Grayson you need to put the clothes on" I say to my brother who is walking around his room. He stopped walking around and I walked over and put the clothes on with no worry. Today, Alivia said she wanted to meet Grayson. I was a little nervous because I knew Grayson wasn't good at meeting new people. I take Grayson's hand but he pulls away and starts to hum a little. "Grayson you need to come downstairs in order to see Alivia" I said. He looked over at me but wasn't looking right at me. Grayson doesn't like looking right into people's eyes. He's only really looked into my eyes once or twice and that's it. "No E" He said repeatedly. I took his hand forcefully as I don't have time to do this right now. This was a mistake that I instantly regretted. In a matter of seconds Grayson was on the floor rocking himself back and forth and bitting his knuckles. I walked over to Grayson to stop him from what he was doing only to get him to shriek and start rocking hard and hitting his head. I knew that this was not just a tantrum anymore but a meltdown. "Gray, Gray calm down" I said. All it did was get worse. I only had one choice which was to pull him as close as I could to my body. I knew he wouldn't like it but I pulled him close and surprisingly he slowly stopped rocking and was now only making sobs. "Are you ok to go downstairs now?" I asked. He shook his head yes and we slowly started downstairs. Once we got downstairs as on cue my mom walked into the house. She looked at my brother and said, "Ethan what happened to him?" As she walked over to my brother. "I don't know I tried to get him to come downstairs but he wouldn't so I grabbed his hand and started to pull him and he started to have a meltdown" I said. "You know you can't do that Ethan. He doesn't like that stuff don't you remember?" She said. I said "Yes I remember mom. I'm sorry it won't happen again." She looked at me and kind of shook her head as she accepted my apology. We walked into the kitchen as Grayson stayed in the same place he was already in. "So what time is that Alivia girl you met coming over?" She asked. "She said she was coming around 5 o'clock which is in about an hour and a half I said. "Is she nice?" my mom asked. I answered, "Yes she is nice mom. I already told her about Gray to." My mom looked at me and said, "Well was she ok with meeting him?" she said with a kind of worried look in her face. "Yes mom she's fine with meeting him." I said smiling. She smiled and sighed as a relief. "You know a lot of people don't like your brother for who he is and I think it's very nice that Alivia is accepting." She said. I just shook my head in agreement. I heard the front door open and heard Grayson's laughter out in the entrance of our house. God his laugh is so adorable. Wait, why am I thinking the things about my own twin brother? I walked out and saw my dad hugging Grayson as he just got in the house. I walked over and took Grayson off my dad as he took his coat off. "Hi dad" I said. He looked and smiled and said, "Hi E how was school?" I said that he was good and he walked into the kitchen as Grayson trailed behind. My dad walked into the kitchen and saw my mom making food, A LOT of food. "What are you making this feast for the whole neighborhood?" he said in a joking way. "No Ethan is inviting a friend over from school. Her names Alivia right?" she asked. I said yes and my dad got a concerned look on his face. "What about Grayson, how will he react to someone he's never met before?" My mom didn't look at him because she was to bust coming but said, "Well, I really hope he just gets used to her and doesn't have a meltdown like earlier." I walked out of the kitchen as the rest of my family stayed in the kitchen to go and text Alivia where she was
Ethan- When are you coming?
Alivia- I'm leaving my house in a couple minutes. I'm actually really excited to meet Grayson!
Ethan- Well He might not touch you because he doesn't know who you are if that's ok with you?
Alivia- Oh know it's good! Maybe if he sees me enough he will get used to me
Ethan- I hope so! See you in a little?
Alivia- Yep see you in a little!
I was actually kind of nervous for her to meet Grayson. Will she judge him? Will she be to weirded out? Will she even still talk to me even though she said she would? All these thoughts ran through my head wildly. I just really hope this goes good.

I updated two times today which is surprising😂


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