A Declaration of War

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"You're an asshole." Geoff grumbled, meaning only half of what he was saying. Zakk was rough around the edges but the person he saw at lunch gave him a completely different impression. Maybe his mom was right when she said that people weren't always what they seemed. After his mother's death, Geoff spent a lot of time asking himself a lot of questions that he didn't have many answers to. He knew nothing would ever bring her back to him. He spent his time doing the next best thing; expanding on her philosophies so in a sense, a part of her would live forever.

"Part of my charm along with my striking good looks." Zakk replied cheekily, a smile decorating his face. Geoff was unaware of the two of them, although very different, shared something in common. Zakk had handled his loss in a much different way given the nature of his relationship being less than pleasant. He had spent enough time sleeping on wooden benches and on bedroom floors to know that people didn't just die when their soul leaves the earth. Sometimes it was when your mom chooses her new boyfriend over you. It was unlikely that Geoff would ever find out that aspect of his life though. There was no point in sharing information with the enemy.

"Being cute doesn't mean you can be an ass." Geoff grumbled to himself, slightly regretting coming with Zakk to begin with. Geoff's mom had been a firm believer in Jungian psychology, often explaining the concepts to her children in more basic terms. The one that stuck out in Geoff's mind the most was the concept of personas. He knew for certain that people often put out an unauthentic perception of themselves out to the world. Their reasons, despite hidden, had to be valid in their own right. Perhaps this version of Zakk didn't reflect his inner self but instead of a reflection of what the universe had expected of him.

"So you admit it." Zakk's cocky smile only grew, sensing the fact that he had gotten under Geoff's skin in just the right way. It was an effect he had on people that he had learned to grow fond of. He wasn't always like this, not before he moved out. There was only so much a kid his age could do after all. His attitude had come out to save any shred of dignity he had left after what he had experienced. Zakk hadn't told Awsten, despite the fact that the two of them were close friends. He hadn't even told Travis. It hung over him like a cloud of shame and the more he kept it in, the more damp the clothes on his skin became. "You think I'm cute."

"I'm done with this conversation." Geoff hadn't had the experience of a normal guy his age. Instead of going to bars and talking to girls, he was playing video games and talking to guys. He didn't know how to interact with the people around him in the slightest, let alone how to deal with being teased. His cheeks rattled him out, displaying his lack of experience in a shade of pink across his cheeks. Geoff turned towards the door, taking a few steps forward. He didn't need to stay here with Zakk. His only job was to keep him away from Travis and he had done that. The rest was all up to Awsten.

"Oh come on! Like you wouldn't have done the same thing for Awsten." The statement made Geoff turn on his heel, facing the dark haired boy once again. Would he have tried to get information out of Zakk? He wasn't sure. He hadn't so far but then again, he didn't like Awsten. Geoff couldn't see past the morality issue of manipulating someone else into revealing what was supposed to be a well kept secret. It felt... Well, he wasn't sure how it felt. Wrong wasn't the right word for the situation. Geoff shook his head.

"I wouldn't because I don't like him like that." Geoff stated firmly, not quite believing the words as they left his mouth. Awsten was confusing. One second, he was obsessed with Michaela and the next second he didn't even want to say her name. He somehow went from that to trying to force himself into liking one of his best friends. He had an ex girlfriend that he worked with on a regular basis that hated his guts. Geoff didn't even want to think about Awsten's other soulmate; a teenage girl with a bad relationship with her parents and a love of BDSM. Geoff wasn't sure what to think about the boy with purple hair. He didn't give himself the chance to think about it.

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