part 6

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She sat him up and gave him a glass of water so he could catch his breath. After having water, he pulled Sanem into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her tiny body and he clutched onto her almost like he was scared of losing her. Tears fell down his face as he hugged her for dear life. Sanem was confused and worried about what was happening.

"Sanem. Sanem are you okay? I thought... I mean I saw..."

"I'm okay Can, try to relax you had a nightmare but its over now." - Sanem kept explaining to Can as he tightly hugged her.

After Can broke free from the hug, she saw the fear and tears in his eyes. She saw a fear she had never seen before. It was almost shocking. The Can Divit she had known was always the strong one who never showed his emotions much. But the one in front of her right now was vulnerable and scared.

"What happened Can?" She asked as she caressed his face wiping his eyes and cheeks dry.

"Sanem i thought i lost you. I was so scared. I thought i lost you forever. We were in Agua at the top of the cliff, staring at the 'Bride's Rock' and then you lost your footing like that same day. Except this time I was unable to save you. I couldn't protect you, and i was too late to grab your hand. You fell and I lost everything that I was living for. Sanem i was so scared, i thought you were gone forever."

Sanem was so emotional. She could see the fear clear as day in his eyes. She could see how much she meant to Can and that if anything happened to her, he wouldn't be able to handle it. And neither would she if it was the other way.

"Can, I am here. I am safe, we both are. It was just a bad dream it means nothing. Try to relax. I am okay."

She kissed his cheek and his forehead then hugged him to comfort him.

"Sanem. Promise me one thing."
"Don't ever leave me Sanem. I can't live without you , i'll be nothing without you."

He held out his pinky finger to pinky promise. And when Sanem linked her pinky finger with his, he breathed a sigh of relief. He knew she was true to her promises and she could never leave him. He wouldn't let her even if she wanted to. She then adjusted herself so her head and back were resting on the headboard of the bed. Can laid his head on her lap whilst she watched him slowly fall asleep in peace. She played with his hair and stroked his face as he was falling asleep. She was so lost in him that she couldn't believe it. Can was really a lonely man. Maybe it was to do with his mother leaving him and taking Emre with her, or maybe it was to do with him choosing to travel alone because he felt it was a way of dealing with things. But all Sanem knew was that this was her Albatross. And she could never leave him. She had to love and take care of him.

Can woke up, his head resting in Sanem's lap. He loved being close to her and physically being in contact with her. He remembered the beautiful love confession they had yesterday and was amazed that this was actually happening. Him and Sanem were together and in love with one another as much as possible. He watched Sanem as she was asleep, her chest was going up and down, as she breathed. She looked kind of funny from this angle- upside down, but beautiful nonetheless. He noticed her hand tangled in his hair and it made him smile. This woman was amazing.

Can noticed her slowly opening her eyes and he stayed in her lap till she became fully awake. They greeted each other good morning and Can came up to her face to give her a sweet kiss. They drank Chai - it was almost like a routine now, every morning they needed to drink chai either together or alone. Sanem pointed out the fact that they had to deal with Aileen and Ahmet locating the hacker's computer from her office. She also pointed out that they had work to attend.

As they drove home, Can and Sanem were as happy as they could possibly be. They brought out the best in one another. The idea of two people being made for each other was true in their case. Because without one, the other was incomplete. Almost like they were lost without each other.

Can reached Sanem's house and parked outside in her mahalle as she went inside, freshened up and got changed for work. She looked beautiful when she came out, even if she was dressed as casual as possible. They drove to work and made a deal on keeping their relationship a secret for now - as the company liked to gossip a lot. Especially Guliz. She was the gossip queen.

At Fikri Harika, Can and Sanem worked the whole day trying to finish the campaigns they had grasped and put the company's reputation back to where it was - after the whole stealing facade. They met secretly in the archive a few times to romance as they couldn't go too long without being physically close to one another, but they were wary of their surroundings in case they got caught. After work ended, the two of them decided to go to Aileen's company and question her. They walked in and saw him.


He was sat with Aileen in her company. Can had the impression that Emre hated her after they broke up and she began stealing their clients via her secret agent. He wondered what Emre was doing here sat with their rival.

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