3 years later

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Maddie p.o.v

I am now 19 years old. Yas I love that for me. I have no friends here. I don't talk to any boys because I want Jack here. Brittney was coming to pick me up today. Oh she's here.

Brittney: Best Frienddddddd

Me: Best Frienddddddd

Brittney: Do you have your phone on you?

Me: Yes why?

Brittney: Your NEED to tell Jack your out.

Me: Why?

Brittney: Because he has been starving himself and cutting himself.

Me: What???

Brittney: Yes, Zach been trying to stop him but he won't.

Me: Oh my God.

After she said I that I went to text him. And saw that he texted me 10 times.


Maddie I know you won't see this until 3 years later. But I just wanted you to know that I love you.

Maddie I haven't been eating. I just don't feel right without you here.

Zach tried and stop me but I couldn't.

Maddie I'm scared.

I'm ruined.

I feel like I'm dying.

I went to the hospital yesterday.

I don't know if I should tell you.

Fuck it here goes nothing.

I cut myself 10 times on each of my arms.

Jack......I love you too.

I feel different without you here too.

I'm so sorry that I made you cut.

Maddie it wasn't your fault.

When you get home I want to catch up.

When I get home I'm hugging you so tight.


Ok. I'm about 7 hours away. 🍆


I swear I didn't mean to click the emoji. I meant to click this one. 🥔cause I'm a potato.

Ok. I have to go. I love you bye.

I love you too bye.

I am shocked that Jack has been cutting himself. I don't want him to get to hurt.

7 hours later

I'm here. I'm at the Why Don't We house. Brittney got out first and then me. I walked in and Jack looked up. His eyes widened. His jaw dropped. When he went to stand up and almost tripped but caught himself.

He ran to me and hugged me so tight. I missed this boy. This boy has a effected on me. Any other boy friend I had wouldn't have waited for me. They would've moved on. Kissed other girls. But still with me. Jack and me aren't still together because we broke up before I left. But he stayed single.

Jack whispered in my ear, "Baby I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too. I didn't think you'd actually wait." I've said to Jack.

"Awee you guys are the cutest," Brittney said in awe.

"I know I missed Mack so muchhhhhh," Zach squealed.

"Mack?" Daniel said walking down the stairs.

"Yes. Maddie and Jack equals to Mack. The best ship-" I cut him off before he could say anything.

"No Corbina is the best ship ever," I disagreed with Zach.

Me and Jack were up stairs by know.

"Maddie I love you."

"I love you too Jack." I loved this boy so much.


Surprise bitch I'm not done. I'm never done.

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