Tawni and the Sailor

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Tawni was looking at the soft pink pom-poms she made for her socks.  Her grandmother said they were called Bobby-socks in her day. A real retro kind of thing, like in the movie Grease. She had gotten scissor happy however, one of them was not completely round and a little flat on one side.  She was pleased with her first attempt.  Mary and Joanie had both said that they were “cool”.  By the first day of school everyone will be wearing them on their new Bobby-socks, but she was the first to think of it.  She was always a trend setter.

Her sixteenth birthday was just seven days away and she was excited.  Her folks were going to throw a Sweet 16 party for her at the Lion’s Den.  They even hired a local band to play.  Tawni had invited everyone of Candlewood Park under the age of eighteen with the exception of her younger brothers.  Both her mom and dad said they had to be invited or they would cancel everything just like that.

It had been a beautiful hot day at the McCormick’s beach.  One of the few left before school started up.  This year was going to be great.  She had made big plans:

1. Get her driver's license as fast as she can after her birthday and before school starts. Her party was near the start of school so everyone would still be talking about it,

2. She was going shopping with lots her birthday money with her two BFF’s for clothes

3. She was going to try out for the soccer team and of course be picked.

4. She was going to get John Martin to ask her out. God he was so hot and he didn’t know it.  He was on the shy side but she planned to work on that too.

The day was a lot of fun swimming and playing beach volleyball.  Two older boys had brought a couple of cans of beer and were trying to act so mature  like if…really.  Everyone had chipped in and brought hot dogs.  Tiffany brought two dozen cobs of corn and others rolls, butter, ketchup, and relish.  Tawni brought the pots, matches, sodas and bottles of water.  Joanie had the music taken care of.  The hours flew by quickly and it was time to clean up to leave.

This was the best part of the day for Tawni.  The rest of her friends left knowing that she liked to stay back and watch the fog come in.  She waved goodbye to everyone, climbed up on smooth large rock and waited.  The sun had heated the stone and it would keep her warm for an hour or so.

The tide was coming in and with it the fog. Her father owned a fleet of fishing boats and he had told her all he knew about the Bay of Fundy.  The Bay had the highest tides in the world and if you were way out in the mud banks you could drown before you could get back to shore.  She remembered a newspaper article about some kids who were stuck on large rocks and needed rescuing before the tide came over them.

She sometimes could see the fog rolling in like waves of smoke. The fog had to come in fast and thick to do that and she loved to see it.  Tawni was sitting up high on the rock with her arms wrapped around her knees.  She thought she saw something coming through the fog...sometimes seals would come ashore but this was too big for a seal.  Her eyes never leaving the faint outline coming towards the beach.

You know when doodling, making a picture with just dots with a pencil, it was like that. Faint light grey dots coming together to form a three dimensional shape.  It took a few minutes before Tawni realized that there were two forms coming out of the water.

end of part 1 - chapter 1 ... hope you are enjoying my story.

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