* 6 years ago *

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( btw I know the ages are gonna be confusing , so let's pretend 6 years ago he was 19? Idk sorry oops )

// how you met :
Jason was in your school and you're a year under him , he wasn't doing well in science which is your best subject and you start to tutor him ,
After a lot of tutoring , you guys fell in love \\
"Jason, wake up"
You nudged him in the back
He replied
He slightly opened his eyes and turned around lying on his back , you lift his arm and snuggle up against him . You loved his natural scent and nuzzled his chest
"Lets go to the beach today"
"I'd rather stay right here"
He said slowly going back to sleep , you rolled your eyes and got up to lean on your elbow.
Damn. He's so sexy .
"Come on big guy , lets go"
You said as you slapped his chest and got up.
You could feel him staring you down as you got up.
You were wearing his favourite T-shirt and a pair of Calvin's under
"The things you do to me (y/n)"
He growled as he got up

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