Chapter 9

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"You know, Fitz came back all happy and mushy last night, any idea what that was about?"Bianna had been trying to get information from Sophie all morning about the date last night with no prevail.
It was fun watching her not so subtly ask about last night and it had become a game for Fitz and Sophie. They offered the most minimal  information to keep her interested but not the whole story.
"I think that he was out with a girl last night." Bianna trued again. "One he really likes."
"How much does he like m... this girl."
"Oh a lot, but I might be able to tell you how much if you give me some information, like what the date was like that he was on with yo... can we stop pretending that he wasn't on a date with you last night because it is getting hard an confusing." Sophie's fried pouted as she raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow at her.
"Fffiinneeee. And I think that I will wait for Fitz to tell me how much her likes me. Thanks though for the bribe." Sophie turned to her locker, and liked the locker. "That's weird. There's no flavor. The locker still opened but."
"The system must be down today. Happens every few years. Let's me see." Sophie couldn't hear the last part as  Bianna stuck her young out, readying to lick the locker.
Lunging her hand to hold Bianna back' " I would really love it if you didn't. Your locker is over there though." She pointed to the wall on the far end of the corridor.
Rolling her eyes at Sophie's "I really don't get why you are so grossed out by me licking your locker. When you come over, you wear my lipgloss."
That point made her even more grossed out as Sophie reached for her books.
"Hm, I wonder what that's about." Turning to the familiar voice, she turned to the teal eyes made the rising panic that had started easier to deal with.  She smiled at him, silently debating wether or not to take his hand.
"We need to get going." Biannas eyes left for Fitz to Sophie, collecting all of the clues.
Following the stream of students to the leapmasters, Sophie started to wonder why they were clearing the school out. And from the mourners around her; she wants the only one.
When everyone got out of the school, it just disappeared with a plume of blue smoke.
Sophie would think that it was funny, like a magicians act, if not for the screaming students.
Decent came running up to them and coughed out, "what are we going to do?"

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