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Ethan's POV
I was at my locker the next day when a familiar voice come from behind me. "Hey you" Alivia said. I turned around and said hey. "You know... this place is a little boring today I was wondering if you wanted to go out for the rest of the day?" I thought about it and I would agree... today is going a bit slow and I would love to skip the day. I said, "I would totally agree. Let's go!" Doing a little dance after. Me and her laughed and we started out the school. I got into the drivers side and she got into the passengers side. All the way to the small diner, she and I sang our hearts out to the music on the radio.

When me and her sat at the table she asked me, "So Ethan, what's your family like?" I hate when people ask me this question. Most people don't know about my brother and when ever they learn they always leave me or act weird around me. I learned that lesson a couple of times when I was younger. When I was younger I was home schooled and the only friends I would make were at the playground I used to go to. I would always go up to a kid and start a conversation with them, and then tell them about my brother. They always said "Oh sorry I have to go." That's why I learned my lesson to not tell anyone about him at my school. She noticed I wasn't answering when she said, "Ethan, are you going to answer my question?" I was now focused and said, "Yeah my bad I have an older sister named Cameron and my mom and dad that's it." Oh my god I'm so dumb why would I say that? "Aw so your not an only child. I have my mom and that's it" she said. "Man it must be lucky to be able to get all the things you want when your the only one" I said laughing. "Well I mean yeah I guess so" she said laughing a little. "Umm I was just wondering by any chance do you have a girlfriend?" She said turning a little red. This is also one thing people don't know about me. I'm gay. None of my friend on the football team know and now I'm just going to say to a stranger that oh yeah I'm gay? I feel like I can trust Alivia so I knew I knew to get out of my comfort zone. "No I don't have a girlfriend... but umm please don't tell anyone this but I'm gay." She looked at me and said, "I'm sorry for asking. I just wanted to know because this one girl named Rebecca came up to me and said she was dating you." I really like Alivia and I feel like I can trust her with learning about Grayson. I mean I know, I just met her yesterday but I feel like I can trust her more than my football buddies. "While I'm telling you stuff I want to say that I have another sibling" I said a little hesitant. She looked up and me and said, "You do? Why didn't you tell me the first time?" I said, "Because he's different." I looked up and her and she said, "Yes, everyone is unique in there own way." I said, "You don't get it. He has autism. He's my twin brother Grayson. When people learn that they always act weird around me or they just stop talking to me in general. And I just wanted you to know this because I can trust you with this. If you want to stop talking to me you can." She looked up at me when my eyes started to gloss over from the tears about to come out. "Ethan. I will never stop talking to you just because of your brother. I see him the same way I see you" she said with a reassuring smile. "You promise you won't tell anyone?" I asked. "I promise" she said smiling after. I knew that I would be able to trust Alivia with everything.

I literally just got home and started writing this😀

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