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This may be the best thing I've written or the worst thing I've written. We'll find out together.

If you see a ⚠️ there are manga spoilers in the chapter. That's mainly for anime only people.

(Y/n) (L/n) is Present Mic's cousin. They aren't blood related as her mom married his uncle after she was born. Her actual father is a villain in (H/c). He has a fire quirk and is not mentally ok. He caused a lot of tramua for her and her mom when she was younger. This caused her to have Dissociative Identify Disorder (multiple personalities; DID) [This book will not romanticize disorders bc we ain't about that chief]. During her 2nd to last year of high school, she decided to study in Japan. She got into U.A.s hero program and ended up being in the same class as her cousin. He introduced her to Aizawa and the two became sorta close. [( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

Metal manipulation/complete combustion
She's able to control metals in the ground and in the human body (calcium, iron, etc.) and able to form a complete combustion (burning oxygen only).

Due to her DID her personalities are able to use her quirk but each burns a different color flame.


(Y/n)= Your name
(F/n)= first name
(L/n)= last name
(H/c)= Home Country
(h/c)= hair color
(s/c)= skin color
(e/c)= eye color
(M/n)= mom's name
(D/n)= dad's name
(S/n)= sisters name
(B/n)= brothers name

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