25 ~ Jealous, Are We?

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It was my last day here at Casa de Idol, at least that's what the boys call their sorority house.  We had all planned to have the boys show me around Tokyo. 

I was in my hotel room getting ready to go.  I had thrown on a pair of jeans, an oversized sweater and my usual vans.  I threw my hair up in a messy bun. Then finished up my morning routine.

After I finished getting ready,  I called Sero and told him he could come pick me up.  I had waited for about 10 minutes before there was a knocking on the door.

"We're here." I heard a voice I recognized as Kaminari's.

I hurried to the door after grabbing my coat.  "Hey you guys."

"Ready to go. The others are in Sero's car waiting." Kaminari smiled.

"Yup,  let's go." I nodded. 

"Okay then." Kaminari grabbed my hand and lead me to the parking lot.

My face heated up and my heart sped up at what he was doing. Holding my hand.... What the hell.  Why?

"Hey.... Uh...." I began and Kaminari turned to face me.

"Something wrong?  Did you forget somethimg? " He asked a not-so-innocent smile beaming at me.

"My hand." I say,  a little embarrassed by this scene.

"What about it? " He continues the act and at this point the embarrassment turning to irritation.

"You're holding it. Why? " I ask.

"Just guiding you to the direction of the parking lot." He explains. 

"I know where it is.  You can let go." I inform him. 

This boy thinks he's so god damn smooth doesn't he?

By now we had reached the parking lot.  He still had a hold on my hand,  and I was still very irritated at this.  All these flirtatious acts were starting to get old.  I honestly don't want another repeat of the "cuddling scenario".

I saw the others gathered around outside of Sero's car.  "Yo, I got [LN]!" He shouted to them as HE WAS STILL HOLDING MY HAND. 

I pulled my hand away flashing him a cold glare and he smirked.

"Hey,  [L/N]! " Kirishima waved giving me a bright smile. 

"Hey, Kiri." I gave a nervous smile. 

"Are we leaving or not?" Bakugou growled impatiently.

"What's your problem got some better places to be at. " I rolled my eyes.

"In fact I do.  I could be in my dorm room with my boyfriend,  not prancing around with a bunch of idiots." He growled as he wrapped an arm around Kirishima.

"May I remind you that your boyfriend is one of the idiots you're "prancing around" with you stupid thot." I informed the boy.

"Let's all just calm down and get in the car so we can tour." Kirishima chuckled nervously knowing that Bakugou had no chance of winning the argument.

"Not until this bitch drops the thot shaming.  At least I don't look like something that crawled outta the dumpster." Bakugou snapped.

"At least I don't dress like a slut looking to get laid by anything that walks." I retorted.

"At least I get some action, unlike you." He was indeed right about me,  making me even more irritated and Kirishima embarrassed.

"Let's get in the car. NOW." Kirishima ordered with a blush present on his face.

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