Chapter 54

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The ticking sound of the wall clock mixed with the slow tapping sounds of the doctor's fingers on his laptop's keyboard as Daiyan patiently waited for him to finish his work. Last night was a little rough for him and Safiya as she got severe pain in her abdomen with vomiting. He was with her till the dawn when she got back to sleep but one thing was stuck in his mind, to give some relief to his wife.

Till when they would be waiting for donor when in reality they weren't finding anybody at all?

"Tell me Daiyan, what's the matter?"

Daiyan wet his chapped lips as he moved ahead in his seat while keeping his clasped hands on the desk while the doctor closed his laptop's lid, "Last night Safiya had a rough night. I gave her the prescribed medicines." He cleared his throat as he remembered her drained face and the bags under her eyes, "But till when it be like this? Isn't there any suitable donor for Safiya now?"

 "We are searching, Daiyan. People are attached to their family members and it is never easy to get a donor."

Daiyan pursed his lips, nodding in affirmation, "Last night I found this thing called 'Live Liver Donation', is it possible in here?"

"Yeah, it's rare but possible." The doctor moved the pen from one hand to another, "But Daiyan when we are not getting a liver from a dead person, which live person would do that?"


The spanking voice echoed in the car and Daiyan could feel the pain in his forehead too, thinking about the force with which Safiya slapped her own forehead after hearing his words. He knew this would be her reaction, maybe every sane person would react just like she did but he couldn't watch her every day fighting with her own self and couldn't do anything while she was moving away from normal life. 

During her illness, Safiya didn't ever need blood or this thing never crossed his mind that he could become her 'live donor'. But now when he mentioned this to her doctor, he quickly ran several tests on him and after getting his message- Daiyan knew he could become Safiya's donor.  

"Are you really opting for a suicide, Daiyan Mustufa?"

Her scream somewhat dimmed down by the sound of the passing vehicle, his eyes taking a glance of the dust that was left with its motion and that settled down on his parked car's glass. 

"It's not a suicide, Safiya. I'm just giving a part of my liver to you. It will grow to its normal size again over time. No harm to life."

Daiyan answered his wife whose face he couldn't see because she had covered her face with her hands. His heart was beating furiously as he remembered the outburst of hers of someday before over a silly lunch. She would yell at him now, or worse would leave the car-there were enough ways of her to show her anger. Safiya looked at him for a split second and took a sigh, "Move to the restaurant. I just can't talk right now."

  "Are you okay?" Daiyan asked as he again started the car moving it on the road for Salt and Sugar. Safiya watched as if she would swallow him up with just her gaze.

"Yeah more than happy. My husband has just thrown a bomb on me and I'm excited." She answered with a sarcasm and Daiyan silently moved his gaze away from Safiya who had started looking outside the window. Their whole route to Salt and Sugar went like this, didn't know why it was so necessary for that doctor to message him on that awful time. He would've sorted out everything on its own but it was really a big shock now to both of them.

As they reached their destination, Daiyan stopped the car and Safiya closed the door with a loud bang, moving inside the building with a hurried pace and without even looking at him. She was really upset with him, was it because he hid this thing from her or because he was becoming her donor? 

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