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That day marks almost a week since Irene in Daegu with him. No words could describe how she miss being in Seoul, spent the whole boring days with her friends, or mostly like her own family.

She has received so much incoming calls from them, which she had the most from Park Jimin. Even though she convinced him to not put much worry on her, he still insisted to not listen to her yet he kept calling her number every day and every night.

Slightly it bothered her the way he cared too much againts her like the way her parents did, it's not like she's still a baby who needs protection from people around the whole times. But for the sake to not hurt his feelings, she did listen to him and avoid declining every calls she got from him.

She stood up from the couch she has been sleeping on the whole night and headed to the bathroom to freshen up herself. Gripping the white sink, she's on her feet to stare at the mirror in front of her which hanging perfectly against the wall.

The dark round under her eyes hundred percently told her that she had been crying a lot lately. None others because of her own fear and weakness every times Jin crossed her life.

The only thing she could do was to calm herself down before any worse thoughts pop on her mind once again. She cleaned herself under the shower, cold water streaming down her pale skin which gave her much shivers and calm.

After she's done, she put casual clothes on her since she's alone with Taehyung in his grandmother's house.

Step by step, she got out from the room into the quite living room, realizing that Taehyung wasn't around. Maybe he was still sleeping, she thought. She moved her feet into the kitchen area, figuring out what to cook for themselves.

"Pork belly probably the great choice to start the day." she grinned then moving to other side to begin the cook.

She has been busy cooking in the kitchen without being aware that Taehyung already fully woke up, staring at her from the corner of the kitchen. Perhaps the smell of the pork belly was too strong to wake him up in the early morning.

After the last touch, she turned around while holding the pot of pork belly on her hands, "Oh shit-"

She was about to go crazy as she saw Taehyung already sat on the dining table with his chin rested on his palm, staring at Irene who was busy cooking since past ten minutes.

"Since when you're there? You scared the hell out of me!" she glared at him then put the pot right away on the dining table.

He's there, still revealing the biggest poker face. "Not that long, that I've got the perfect timing to see you singing Lady Gaga's songs and dancing along to it." he smirked, earning a glare from her. Well, at least he's the only one to see it. No other person.

"Shut the fuck up and start eating." she passed the plate to him harshly and only drove him chuckling and grinning in satisfy.

The atmosphere turned into silence mode where only sounds of chewing and heartbeat from both of them could be heard. At certain points she will start the conversation first but Taehyung is a type of person who didn't like to talk a lot when he's attached to something he likes so he would lazily nodded to every single words came out from Irene's mouth even though he didn't listening to it.

After the two were full, she cleaned up the dining table and brought the dishes to the sink and washed it. While Taehyung didn't intend to give a hand to her, he moved straightforward to the living room and turned on the television. He crossed his legs and changed the channels times to times, while his eyes still focusing on the screen.

riiing riiing

"Kim Taehyung! Pick up my phone for me!" she yelled from inside the kitchen on top of her lungs but the phone remained ringing.

She sighed, and screamed louder this times but the man was possibly trying to boil her anger as the phone was keep ringing.

She wiped her hands after she's done washing the dishes and headed out the kitchen to where his phone was put on.

"Why the hell aren't you picking it up?" she asked with annoying tone but stayed calm on her spot while her eyes still observing his figure which still laying on the couch.

He yawned, "It's too far and I'm too lazy to get up."

Just with these words came from his mouth, she desperately wanted to punch right onto his face and didn't even bother to kill him on the spot. She exhaled heavily, hands patting her chest to heal the anger inside her.

She fastened her moves to her phone and tapped the green button on the screen layer. She placed her phone on her earlobes, hearing through what the caller has to say.

With only seconds, her eyes rolled to side, locked to the figure of the man who still watching the television.

"Wait for a moment." she replied the caller, quickly dragging her body in front of Taehyung and handed her phone to him.

He was still in confusion with his blank expression showed up on his face. He furrowed his brows as he started questioning on his mind of her sudden action, as she still placing the phone right in front of his face.

"A call from the hospital. They want to talk to you." she stated, impatiently waiting for him to take the phone.

He lazily sat up on the couch and placed the phone to his ears. His voice sounded he was fully forced to do so as he just hummed to answer the call.


Irene flinched as she heard the loud voice from his mouth. His eyes widened the moment he was having a mini conversation with the caller. His mouth was parted, not moving a single inch from his seat like a statue.

Her heart was beating fast than normal speed even before decided to hear his explanation. Something bad might happened, if not, why would he looked shock to death?

He ended the call right away and stood up from the couch to face Irene who still lost. She's getting worried even more when she noticed the teary eyes of his.

"W-why? What happened?" she asked him despite knowing something bad actually happened that could even ache the two of them more, but insisted to dig the truth.

She knew he's been holding his tears as his voice was shaking while stating the order, well it's only got her totally puzzled, she just still lost in confusion on her feets.

"Go fucking get ready and we are going to the hospital, now!"

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