vmon:love it all(s)

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warnings:mentions of self harm, sweet sex, soft sex, insecure tae,bad smut, hyung kink, mentions of crossdressing, uwu


"o-oh,"the shorter male had his blonde hair plated down against his sweaty forehead.

they barely even started and he was already wrecked.

namjoon groaned as he reached down to palm the younger, his tongue playing around in taehyung's wet cavern.

a moan left his lips, making namjoon smirked into the kiss and taehyung pulled away, a string of saliva connecting the duo's lips before breaking.

"j-joonie hyung," the shorter whimpered, "i- i don't know if i'm ready."

namjoon cooed and gave taehyung a quick hug,"hey, baby, if you don't want to do it it's fine, you know?"

"i-i know, but..i don't want to make you upset, hyung," namjoon smiled a bit."baby? we'll start and you can tell me whenever you want to stop,okay?"

though namjoon really wanted his baby to be comfortable, his hormones, honestly, weren't helping.

taehyung nodded timidly as he moaned softly, namjoon's hand slipping under the pink skirt taehyung had on."eh?"a smirk played on his lips,"no panties, baby? feeling naughty today?"

it was obvious how taehyung's fave went a shade redder as he muttered out words namjoon barely caught: "i wanted to impress hyungie."

he smiled.

namjoon grasped onto taehyung's pulsing cock, taehyung squeaking in surprise before moaning.

"h-hyung, feels- uh, feels good."

namjoon groaned as he reached down to touch himself, the sight of the already broken looking boy in the short pink skirt and loose white jacket making him feel hotter.

quickly he stripped himself, leaving only his boxers and unzipped taehyung's jacket.

namjoon let his eyes feast over his boyfriend's body; a thin waist, flat stomach, beautiful honey-tanned skin....

"h-hyung,why are you st-staring?" taehyung questioned rather shyly, fiddling with his fingers as he let thoughts and ideas like 'ypu're disgusting ' and 'he hates your body' fill his head."i-i know i'm u-ugly.. i-i don't have abs like you or kookie,i only have th-this.. this tummy.."

disappointment laced his carefully chosen words and namjoon sighed before pecking his boyfriend on the lips.

"baby, you're perfect the way you are.i love your tummy, it's cute.just like you,"he added, with a small, playful wink.

taehyung giggled.

"so baby... i'm gonna prep you, okay? safe word is red, okay?"

taehyung nodded slowly, nervousness filling him as he felr namjoon position him so that he was now on all fours.

taehyung didn't like it; he hated the position.he wanted to see namjoon, to be able to look at him.

but he was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the clicking sound of something closing and namjoon rubbing his fingers together gently before questioning,"baby?i'll start, okay?"

taehyung let out a hum, and slowly he felt namjoon's finger push against his hole, slowly pushing in.


namjoon smirked,"how's my baby coping?"

"n-ngah- h-hyung,"taehyung gripped the sheets as namjoon thrusted his finger in and out, slowly adding a second.

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