Snip, Snip...WHAT DID YOU DO?!

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Annabeth's POV:

A yell from upstairs signifies Percy awaking. Everyone breaks out in silent laughter as we watch him turn the bathroom light on. Heavy footsteps then pound down the stairs and I shrink deeper into Reyna's side.

"A massive chunk in my beard is missing," Percy yells as he storms into the room. Leo can't hold it in any longer and bursts out laughing, and once he starts, we all can't stop. "WHO DID IT?!" Percy shouts, his eyes searching for the betrayer. When his eyes land on mine, I smile so wide I think I ripped the inside of my cheek. This reveals me and he narrows his eyes.

"Annabeth run!" Jason yells.

Reyna guards me against Percy as I slowly stand up. His gaze follows me in silence. My mind spins on where I could go. Outside? No, I wouldn't make it down the street. The garage? No, too many doors to get through, he would for sure catch me. A light bulb goes off and I whirl around, crashing down the hallway and up the stairs. When I look behind me, I see the boys and girls all holding Percy back. Reaching the top, I hear him begin running up the stairs and panic.

Bolting down the hallway, I run into my room. Closing my door, I look around. I have a balcony, if I can climb down it, I can get to a better hiding place. Before I can even lock the door, it crashes open. I begin backing up, "Percyyyy," I laugh nervously.

"You. Cut. A. Chunk. Out. Of. My. Beard," He says, calmly, which unsettles me.

"It looks good!" When he gives me a look, I add, "It suits you!"

When the last word leaves my mouth, he tackles me onto the bed, and I scream. Percy tries to pin me down, but he is weak from practice, so I hold his arms steady and hands out of reach. My eyes fleet to the window and while doing so Percy says, "I will get you back for this Wise Girl!"

"Not gonna happen Seaweed Brain," I smirk, flipping over him and leaping to the balcony. Yanking open the door I quickly climb over the railing as Jason and Frank tackle Percy to the floor.

I scale the house and wait for Frank to come down to the front. I hear Percy jog onto the balcony and look over. His eyes widen at the sight of me, toes balancing on the edge of our house. "Annabeth!" I hear Frank.

Looking down, I aim where to jump. The glancing back at Percy, I seal the prank war, "Welcome to the prank war." Falling backward, I land in Frank's arms. He sets me down and I look up at Percy.

He watches me, "I will get revenge."

"Sure, you will," I say sarcastically, twirling my long golden locks with my index finger.

Eyeing kelp head, I walk back into the house and take a seat at the couch. Percy and the boys come down and I can practically see steam coming from Percy's ears.

"Are you going to have to shave it all off now?" Hazel asks as Percy takes a seat beside her, opposite from me.

"Yes, but it'll grow back. After all, it's just hair, and a simple haircut won't do the trick," He glances at me.

Crossing my arms, I say, "I wasn't aiming for that, I was aiming for the start of a war I will win."

A haircut is all it takes for a little change, a little adventure...

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