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Walking through the double doorways of the hospital Yvonne catches a shadow of someone walking beside her

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Walking through the double doorways of the hospital Yvonne catches a shadow of someone walking beside her.

"Derek." She beamed at the black-haired man that just grinned back. "Need help with anything?"

"Christina told me about the drama yesterday, mind being on my service today?"

Yvonne pursed her lips as she started thinking about April her resignation. 

April was the most caring person she knew, and she wanted April to come back..now.

"Sure, focusing on something might help." 

"What's the first catch?" the blonde female asked while walking down the hall with Derek by her side.

"A temporal lobectomy" Derek spoke as he pointed at their chief that was talking. "But we have to get through this first."

Yvonne laughed slightly but nodded her head as she saw Richard giving a speech to his personnel.

Bailey saw Derek and Yvonne walking toward the crowd before walking over to them.

"The Chief implemented a computer model to schedule all the surgeries from now on." Miranda glanced toward both of the surgeons needing to know their judgment.

"Grey, Shepherd, and Bailey attention please?" Richard snapped his fingers which made them look over and nod their heads before crossing their arms. 

"Thank you, I enlisted Doctor Sloan to do a trial run for the last month. At first, he was against it, but now he's a convert believe me."

"Didn't you guys have enough change already?" Derek stared at the personnel as Yvonne tapped his arm. "You see, she agrees with me."

"Variance is great, Doctor Shepherd." Richard glared at the Neurosurgeon, which made Derek roll his eyes.

"You and Richard need to stop bickering, believe me, it's unappealing Shepherd" Bailey leaned her weight on one hip as she pointed between the two.

Yvonne snorted as she got a glare from Derek, putting her hands up in surrender.

"I'm not listening to this, Yvonne could you go and look at some scans with me?" Derek looked down at the girl as Bailey just shook her head knowing he was ignoring her.

"Yeah sure," She gestured for Derek to start walking. "Lead the way."

Following Derek through the hall, she places her hands in the pockets of her coat.

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