I feel your hands getting close to mine

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        I called the people from the Bahamas the next morning to let them know I wanted Michel Lehnsherr to be my sponsor. I was so excited since I knew he was shooting a new film with one of my favorite actresses. The same morning I called Mary to let her now I was leaving soon. I didn't want to leave her alone, but I also didn't have enough money to tell her to come with me.

      My mom and dad were so happy for me, but still they were not so interested in what I was doing! And if I asked my dad for money -to buy a ticket- he Would now it's not for me. I decided to call Erika to ask her for the money... I knew it was a bad idea, but I had no other choice if I wanted that to be a surprise for Mary.
"Hello, what's up?" She said to me. "Eh... hi, how are you?" I replied. I was so nervous. "What is it now Rod? What happened. Haha I know this is not a social phone call" she said. Gosh I hated that she knew I wanted a favor. "Well, I need money to buy a plane ticket to the Bahamas." I said. "The fuck? Why, you have money... besides you have your plane ticket already.... hold on... it's not for you. Hell no, I'm not going with you! Gross." She replied. "Wait... no! Ugh" I mentioned, while she interrupted me. "Mary, you want to take her with you, don't you? I should have known. Ok... does she know?" She asked. "No, she doesn't know about it! It's supposed to be a surprised. That's why I didn't ask my dad for money because he would say the same as you told me." I told her. I wanted her to say yes! I need to take her with me.
"Don't you think it's too soon? I mean... the two of you? ... I mean, I understand it, but man... will she accept going with you? That's the thing.... ok listen, I'll give you $4,000, but you'll have to pay them back as soon as you win the damn competition ok. Come pick them up at my house today. Edward and I will be here. Make sure to knock the door as loud as you can haha" she said, then hang up the phone.

            Since I was learning how to drive, I took my dad's car and went to Erika's place to get the money. I was talking to Mary the whole time, but I didn't tell her where I was going. I didn't have my license yet, so I was hoping the police wouldn't stop me in the way. I got to Erika's house at about 11 am. She was with the teacher, Edward, she invited me over, gave me coffee, and then the money. I explained to her what I wanted to do. She agreed to help me. I was ready to prepare the surprise The next day we were going to the university. Though I was a little nervous.  I called a travel Amgen you to buy the plane ticket. The cheapest was $2,ooo all the way around. I got it for her. Then, I went to the flowers shop to get some tulips for her. I was ready to ask her to go with me... most importantly, I also wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend. I know... too soon, but i can't help it... I like her so much.

     The next morning, I woke up so excited to go to uni. Erika and Edward were helping me blindfold Mary for the surprise. She was freaking out, she was shouting, she thought she was getting kidnapped. She got to Edward's classroom before he was to teach, and I had prepared the surprise. "What are you all doing?" She said. Erika took her blindfold off and I said "surprise!" I stayed with her in the classroom while I explained her the urge I had to have her with me in the Bahamas. "What's this? Are you crazy?" She asked. "This is me, asking you to come to the Bahamas with me... not only that. I'm just a simple boy standing in front of a girl asking her to love him. Would you make me the honor of being my girlfriend?" I asked her. Erika and her boyfriend were outside spying on us.
"Me, your girlfriend? Tell me, if I say yes... would you love me no matter what my temper is? Will you be with me after an emotional breakdown? Will you be with me knowing I obsess over TV series, and that I cry with movies? Will you be with me knowing that I'm about to finish uni, and you're just starting? Because if you're willing...  y answer is yes! YES, a thousand times yes!" She said, then hugged me... because The two other two were spying on us. Erika shouted of excitement. As soon as the two of them turned around I kissed Mary. That was everything I needed. "Listen, I promise I will love you no matter what, and now that you have finish your studies I want you to know that I'll be faithful to you these four years I'm missing. I've liked you since we first saw us... I know it's too soon, but I like you... no, I love you." I grabbed her hand and our fingers connected. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Finally having the courage to hold her hand with mine.

    We left the classroom because Edward was about to teach, and Erika joined us. They began talking about girl things and I went to finish some things I had to do before I traveled to the Bahamas. Heidi saw I kissed Mary on the cheek before going to my class. "So, that's your girl huh? Isn't she too old for you?" She said in a funny voice. "Heidi, just shut the fuck up already ok.? It's none of your business" I told her and then she left. She went immediately to Ariel's arms. They were becoming this great friends they were this whole time. Anyway. I had more important things in mind... my project, the Bahamas, and my new girlfriend.

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