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" What's with our school Dad? Why should we still accept a student? " Jennie ask. They are now having their breakfast.

" Sweetheart, she's an exchange student and a scholar of our company "

" When is she transferring then? "

" This afternoon, which reminds me, " Mr. Kim then turn her head to Lisa.

" Lisa after your class kindly pick our guest at the airport "

" Yes sir "

" Wait Dad? Is she staying with us too? "

" Well yes honey, I have to go I have a meeting to catch up. " He then got up and kiss Jennies forehead.

Before leaving totally she reminded Lisa to pick the other girl.

The day went well for the both girls, they act normal in school. Also there is no presence of Chanyeol and Kai at the place.

It is already afternoon and time for Lisa to pick up their guest.

She's walking in her way to her car when someone stopped her.

" Lisayahhh. Let's have dinner together, I'll tell our family driver to pick up the guest please " Jennie ask cutely.

" Sorry, but I was instructed Jen, I can't ditch. " she said and continued walking.

Jennie on the other hand followed Lisa

" How about I'll come with you then? " she suggested excitedly which Lisa ignore.

" Lisayahhh! I'm talking to you "

" Jennie please go home straight, I'll be there in no time. Be safe "Jennie hates to admit it but she can't say no to Lisa, especially when it comes to her safety.

The older then looked around and aftter seeing that no one is around she hug Lisa and kiss the youngers cheek then left.

As for Lisa she is being Lisa, didn't react since she is use now with Jennie being clingy, which she thought is normal.


Lisa is waiting for the person but have no idea who it might be.

She's standing outside her car and inspect her surroundings, she knew Mr. Kim won't ask her to pick up someone if it's just an average person.

Lisa thinks it's a high profiled person who she's gonna meet.

She keeps on roaming her gaze when a fine lady caught her attention.

The lady is walking towards her, Lisa find her pretty attractive with her glasses on and looks like not wanting for anyones attention which is impossible because she is stunning.

The young lady now is at Lisa's front,
" If I'm not mistaken you're Lisa? Uncle's bodyguard? " the girl ask politely.

The first thing that came into Lisa's mind was, " She really is a VIP, Mr. Kim's niece "
And the second, " Total opposite of Ms. Kim "

" Mr. Kim, yes. Please let me take care of your things Miss, "
The young lady then hand he baggages to Lisa and went inside the cars shotgun.

" Sorry Miss, but you should take the back seat " Lisa said politely which the girl find... attractive as well.

" No, it's fine. I'm use to seat here since my head spins when I'm at the back " she smiled sweetly to Lisa but just received a nod.

For the young lady it's kinda awkward since Lisa is not talking, and Lisa sense the thickness of the atmosphere so she decided to talk even tho she's not that talkative.

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