Android Lover

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Android Lover by angellover254

(Co-Written with PinkKangaroosGoMOO) Meet Odetta, a normal sixteen-year-old girl, with absolute zero luck with the opposite sex. One day out of no where, a strange looking guy dressed in a dark suit comes looking for her, giving her his business card. All he said before leaving was, "Don't forget, you have exactly twenty-four hours to use that card before it expires, have fun." Confused and a little bit creeped out, she didn't give the man much thought, but she couldn't resist going on the website. Checking the website out, she finds out the website; Lovers.MachineCo sells androids called, "Lovers." The rule? All you have to do is filled out a form, based on your dislikes and likes, and MachineCo. will send you your perfect "Lover". The only catch? You must return your "Lover" after the three month time period is up or face the consequences. Will Odetta be able to give up her android, the adorable human-like creature after the given time period or will she do everything in her power to keep him? 

Another creative story plot! 

Love this story so much and can't wait for the author to update.

GREAT story! 

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