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Name: Hannah

Age: 14

What inspired me to write is just the typical people I see on the street. Every description of a character, is based off people I see. The way different people look, inspires me a lot.

I started writing at about nine years old.

My favorite published authors would have to be Sara Shepard and JK Rowling.

My favorite writers on Wattpad is everyone! Everyone has a different writing style, and they are all extremely inspiring!

My favorite published book is the lovely bones. I love how the point of view is from the ghost. It is a different type of read, and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely.

Name of my book: Tip Toes

What inspired you to write the story: One of my best friends who was abused and had to move away last year.

The story is about a sophomore girl named Jayden who is abused by her step dad and finally decides to take a stand after her life changes for the worst. When her plan doesn't go the way it was expecting, she tries something else. She makes some bad decisions along the way, but hopefully Jayden will get the justice she deserves in the end.

What makes your story different from the others: I think I write about some topics that other people would hesitate too. I write them, with no hesitation at all. There are a lot of abuse stories, but mine has a lot of side problems that are not shown in many stories.

The book cover was created by secrettt12_3

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