Chapter 13

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I gasped and stumbled backwards, my cheek stinging. Yoori barked, "Nothing to worry about, my ass!"

As she turned back to the girl's dormitories I pulled myself out from the trauma and followed her steps. Everything halted for a second and all eyes were on me. I felt humiliated. I mean first of all I'm her senior and secondly I'm a damn prefect, for heaven's sake! Give me some respect. The only sound I could hear was Baekhyun's heavy breathing and his insensitive hooting on the hit like he was cheering for goal. 

"Mirae, What are you doing?" Yumi pulled my arm before I could punch Yoori's retreating back.

"The bitch just slapped me!" I retorted indignantly trying to break from her grip but she pinned me to my seat. I was surprised how powerful Yumi could be at times.

"You know she's not worth it." She reprimanded.

I thought for a second making a face and realized that I would never want me to be like her. " Yeah. I don't want to stoop to her level." I answered still glaring in her direction furiously. I changed my mind turned to the door.

"Where are you going now?" Yumi asked again worriedly.

"To find Chanyeol." I replied while I added in my mind 'because I think they broke up because of me.'

I jumped out and didn't have to look too far for him- my target was leaning on the wall, hands in his pockets and eyes fixed on the ground. As I approached him silently in the dimly lighted empty corridor, he looked up giving me a What-the-hell-are-you-doing-here look.

"Um hey." I said lamely. He continued to stare raising his eyebrows. "So you two broke up?"

"Yep." He answered shortly like he didn't care at all. I raised me eyebrows.

"Too upset, aren't you?" I said sarcastically. 

He just shrugged and said, "I'm sorry but why are you here?"

That's a valid question. Yes, Mirae why the hell are you here? "Well you know...." I trailed off.

"No I don't." He said bemusedly.

I opened my mouth again. Well at least he's not going to slap me. "She had your phone in her hand, right? So I don't think I would be wrong amusing that she read our conversation. It's partly my fault. And I wanted to apo-"

He laughed right at my face. "What? Are you crazy? Seriously, I'm surprised how you could twist all this in your direction. It's not anyone's fault if she can't stand me being close to another girl, I mean I know we're not close." He stopped for a while. "And that fight with Baekhyun...I feel like I should have parted ways with her earlier."

I nodded uncertainly. "Okay. Everything aside, I think you're dealing with the break up much better than Yoori is."


"Well the minute your girlfriend-from-hell came back, she came straight up and slapped me." I said accusingly.

He pressed his lips together as if stifling a laugh and needlessly was very unsuccessful doing it.

I shoved his shoulder lightly and complained. "Thanks for the sympathy."

"Sorry" Trying to keep a straight face he added, "No- no I'm serious. I mean she didn't even hit me !"

"Yeah maybe if I had snogged her face off for half an year, then the outcome would have been different." I rolled my eyes and rumbled. We stayed silent for a second.

"I still can't believe she hit you." He said seriously this time.

"Yeah right." I said.

"And I can't believe I'm single." He added. I looked at him if he was feeling dejected or upset but his next words depicted the opposite image. "Just think the number of girls chasing and flirting with me tomorrow to have a chance. Ahhh!!" He sighed dreamily.

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