(Anicentricity) so much tears and snot literally everywhere

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"I," is all she can get out before she starts sobbing. She collapses to the floor, boneless. CandyCate and Lisweeta both get a really panicked look and immediately rush up to put their arms around her and lift her back up.

"Wait omg are you upset????" CandyCate says.

"Babe no," Lisweeta says, rubbing Anicentricity's back. "This is a good thing. We planned this!"

Anicentricity inhales quickly and deeply in between choking sob. "YOU WHAT? WHY? HOW? WHY???"

"Girl, listen, breathe," Lisweeta says.

"You're OK," CandyCate says. "This is good, we promise."

"It is???" Anicentricity says. She would be giving them a very incredulous look if there wasn't so much tears and snot literally everywhere.

"First of all. Don't worry. Your relationship with Ms_Doxiquil will be fine, since now you have even more in common, having both been broken up with by Manucito. Total bonding experience, so that relationship will be even more powerful and fierce."

"It will?"

"It will."

"But what about-"

"Brian_Yes_Brian? We already talked to him. He really likes the narrative where he stands by you during this difficult ordeal. He's super supportive."

"He is??? But he isn't responding to my messages."

"I think he had a challenge in Tongue Healing class. He'll message you when he can."

"That sounds vaguely familiar."

"Girl this is next level shit happening. We've got you."

"But-" Anicentricity starts, then pauses, lost in thought.

An expectant look passes between CandyCate and Lisweeta, which Anicentricity misses.

"I'm only dating 2 people now. And Manucito is such a popular teacher. What am I going to do now?"

"That's the best part!" Lisweeta says. "That's where we come in."

"We want you to date us," CandyCate says.

"But I'd have to break up with Brian_Yes_Brian or Ms_Doxiquil, and they've been so supportive in standing by me throughout this ordeal."

"Girl NO, catch up," Lisweeta says. "We want to be in a throuple with you."

"A-" Anicentricity has wiped away enough of her tears that she can actually look at CandyCate and Lisweeta now. They're smiling at her, all happy and excited. "Like the 3 of us? In 1 relationship together?"

"Hell yeah. Hot af right? We will literally run this school."

"Are there other throuples at KMS?"

"There haven't been for a very long time," CandyCate says. "It'll be a whole thing."

"So it's like you're dating one person but you're dating both of us together," Lisweeta adds. "It all works out perfectly!"

"Um, wait. So you made a fake viral video of me having group s*x b/c you knew Manucito would break up with me..."

"AND it would get you a bunch of followers, AND it would make your brand stronger, AND it would kick off a really compelling new narrative for you. With us." Lisweeta looks very pleased.

Anicentricity can feel her screen vibrating with everything happening, everything this fake video is bringing her. New followers and new haters and everything in between.

"What?" CandyCate says. "Say something."

Anicentricity can feel more tears welling in her eyes. "This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me and I've never been so turned on in all my life."

Now all three of them have tears welling up. "So is that a yes?" Lisweeta asks. "You'll be in a highly sexually charged and unstoppable throuple with us?"

And Anicentricity puts her arms around both of them yes and draws them down to her so she can feel their breasts all perfume yes and her heart is going like mad and yes she said yes I will Yes.


Ok well.. I guess that all worked out great for Anicentricity? Who could have predicted that. No one's ever made fake p*rn about me as an attempt to woo me but maybe I would consider it a compliment, who can say. OK get ready b/c in the next chapter you get to meet one of my & Qannen's favorite people: HELLBITCH. 

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