(Anicentricity) so much tears and snot literally everywhere

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Anicentricity stumbles out into the hallway, reeling from the sudden break up. There's too much to deal with! She's freaking out people! The wall is holding her while she's still getting dressed. She's buttoning up her K.o.kO top with one hand, her screen in the other, when she gets the message confirming Manucito's official breakup with her.

Everyone is staring at her again. Is it because of the video of her having s*x with a bunch of people? Is it because she got broken up with? Is it because she's suddenly a loser only dating 2 people again? She's only dating 2 people this is so so bad. And how is she going to find someone as amazing as Manucito. In this economy??

OK. The dating thing 2nd. First what is the deal with the video. She starts asking people from different classes if they know anything while she aimlessly wanders the halls. She has a vague sense she's supposed to be in Essential Oilgasm class right now but NO. There's TOO MUCH.

She gets a few noncommittal messages back from her first volley of questions. Is that really you? Who did this? How did this happen?


There are all kinds of possible culprits. Any of the dozen or so people she's broken up with on her dramatic ascendency. Any number of people from class who were jealous about her being able to have s*xual int*rcourse with Manucito instead of doing the challenges. Conspirasan, obviously. Let's face it she has a lot of enemies! Everyone hates you when you're really amazing!!!

Brian_Yes_Brian isn't responding to her increasingly panicked messages which is a whole OTHER THING? Is he breaking up with her too? He always promised he would support her no matter what but will he? Will he???? WILL HE?????

Her research continues. She's scanning every comment under the video, looking for clues, perhaps someone claiming responsibility. She watches the way people watch her in the hallways, trying to assess if anyone looks like they are withholding valuable information from her and loving it.

Meanwhile Manucito is doing all this public moping on the TL about the difficulty of doing right for yourself and owning your needs and UGH. He's posted 2 very attractive and moody selfies, bemoaning the tragic end of another relationship. He expressed like 0.000000001% of that much emotion in actually breaking up with her but whatever!!! All these girls are posting hearts under his selfies. F*cking pathetic. These hoes!!!!

The video is definitely trending. She's getting all kinds of questions. People are commenting all kinds of mean things about her. She gets a message from a friend in her Nori Technique class that says:

-Wait I heard some girls talking about you in Genital Reiki. They were like planning something.

-Who??!!? she says.

"Who??!!?" she says.

"Us," a voice says.

She looks up and CandyCate and Lisweeta are standing in front of her, holding hands and smiling in a way that's hard to interpret but seems: mean. This is officially the most syllables they've ever said to her. They are both very hot and perfect and their skin glows like it's lit from within, like a poorly assembled electrical ball. CandyCate is who Manucito broke up with to date her and Lisweeta is who Brian_Yes_Brian broke up with to date her. They're 5th and 6th years, they own this school and presumably hate everything about Anicentricity, rocketing to the top in only her first season. Whatever they have planned for her is going to be swift and brutal and irrevocable. This is it. Her life is over.

Anicentricity feels: bad worried sick. The tragic mess of her life and her utter defeat at the hands of these infinitely more experienced seniors and her imminent exile to the Thornes comes rushing at her from every direction.

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