The Call

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The whole superhero community was gathered in the Watchtower, they were slightly worried. Nightwing hadn't been seen in a week, however, they were barely worried.

"Ok, the construction of the new headquarters for the team has gone smoothly. It will be done in a week, now, we've been reading your many mission reports from when we were off world. Something doesn't add up, you said Nightwing purposely put you in jeopardy, we read his logs he kept, and I don't think that's true." Wonder Woman Said, and Batman just grew angry.

"No way, he lied to us, he put us all in danger!" Legan Cried out, and Artemis and Kaldur looked at each other. They were getting annoyed, when everything was over, everyone forgave them right away. Yet, they blamed Nightwing.

"Yeah, he doesn't even have the right to call me his brother. We thought we could always trust each other, and he went and lied to us!" Red Robin yelled, and that shocked everybody. They had never heard him say that before, and he sounded hurt.

"That May be bu-." Batman began, but he stopped. His com went off, and he looked annoyed.

"Yes?" He said, apparently he knew who was on the other end.

"What do you mean something is wrong with him? If he wanted to talk, he would have called." Batman Said, in and annoyed tone.

"What do you mean? Red Hood hasn't been seen in months." Batman Said, and the Bat kids stiffened. Like they knew something, but they didn't want to tell.

"No, we cannot leave. Unless there is a valid emergency, we cannot leave." Batman Said, then he hung up. The next second, the Bats belts all started beeping.

"You two, go see what's wrong." Batman Said, and the two present Bats left. Just when the meeting was about to continue, Batman got another call.

"I swear, I'm gonna revoke their privileges." Batman Said, as he listened to his com.

"What?" He said, and then they could see confusion on his face. He pulled up the news, unsure why his kids are panicked.

'Nightwing has been missing for two weeks, and we are wondering, what happened to our vigilante.' A reporter said, and that made Batman marrow his eyes.

'In other news, Richard John Grayson, the 18 year old cop here in Bludhaven, who has been missing for a week was found. He was found in his apartment, he was unconscious on the ground.

Police are grateful that someone broke into his apartment, otherwise the young man would be dead. He is currently in Bludhaven General, with some police officers guarding him. I can only hope that Bruce Wayne visits his ward, for it is unsure if he will survive. Back to you James.'

Batman was frozen, and Wally was barely concerned.

'Batman, the little Demon is gone!' Red Cried out, and suddenly Batman was gone. Leaving behind confused people, and annoyed heroes.

Jason was pissed, his stupid ass brother had been doing too much. He stopped being Red Hood when Golden Boy didn't fight him, when his brother didn't care what he's done.

Dick had gotten him a job at the hospital, under false name. He was known as Dr Jason Chase, He was grateful for his brother using his actual first name. It's a small comfort, a small comfort in his shitty life.

He looked down at his brother, he was hooked up to a few machines. It was also a blessing that Dick made him his Dr, he chose to go to him for every time he was admitted into the hospital.

Somehow Jason Jason knew a shit ton about medical field, so that's how he was able to pass as a doctor. From all the scans, he was worried. His brother had been stressed lately, but he didn't realize how much he was.

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