taegi:alien (f)

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taehyung shrieked when a cockroach scuttled past the seven as they strolled into the dorm, jimin and the other members laughing as the live jimin had on played.

"taehyungie's such an alien," jungkook chuckled, and taehyung giggled sheepishly.

jimin grinned,"right."

taehyung's smile faltered for a second, before he put it back on and played his infamous boxy smile."eheh,y-yea."

the members didn't suspect anything, which was good as they each went into their respective shared rooms.

taehyung was with yoongi, though the elder had decided to go to the studio to work on his new song.

while the room was dark, taehyung snuggled into his tata stuffie, hugging yoongi's shooky pillow close.

he could feel his head gradually beat faster and his chest tightened;he knew he was going to cry.

taehyung sniffled;was he really an alien?

he was sure the members and army meant no harm, but honestly, taehyung took the word "alien" as a person, or something, that didn't belong.

he belonged, didn't he?

before taehyung knew it, he started crying his eyes out into tata, not really caring if it got soaked.

the boy didn't even understand why he was crying, per se.

he cried and cried, was he really just the alien of the group? the one who didn't fit in?

he wanted to be like the rest, honestly. he couldn't help his unique personality, and he hated it.

taehyung was so busy having all those negative thoughts about himself and stuffing his head into tata and shooky's while crying softly that he didn't notice the door opening slowly at two in the morning.

the person walked towards him and he tensed.

taehyung flinched when someone put his hand on his shoulder, as a soft but gruff voice questioned,"tae?"

taehyung sniffled and looked up, the moonlight complimenting his glassy eyes.

his eyes widened.

"oh-oh my god,"taehyung looked down at shooky in horror as he lightly pushed the brown toy away."i-i'm so sorry,hyung, i swear i'll get you a new one-"

yoongi chuckled a bit in slight confusion. "tae,hey, you okay? don't worry i can clean the toy up."

he knew how insecure the younger was, though he often joked about the 'alien' matter as well.

taehyung sniffled, hugging his pillow close. "i- sorry for burdening you, yoongi hyung."

"hey,"yoongi pushed away the sheets and engulfed taehyung in a hug."you can tell me, okay?why are you crying?"

taehyung pouted, the cold air hitting him when the sheets were shoved away, but felt himself melt into the warm hug.'"i- um, i was just..upset, i guess.."

"baby, hey," taehyung looked at yoongi, surprised and his face a light shade of pink. yoongi's face flashed with a wave of realization before he flushed. "uhh, i mean- sorry bout' t-that.."

yoongi sheepishy rubbed the nape of his neck, and taehyung giggled.

"i-it's okay."

yoongi let out a relieved sigh, honestly he had been a bit scared of how the younger would react.

"well,um,"taehyung placed tata on his lap and crossed his legs,"i guess i was just upset about jiminie and the others calling me, you know,a-alien."

quickly, when he saw yoongi's face scrunch up a bit from what he guessed was disgust, he added,"i-i know it's stupid! i'm sorr-"

taehyung was enveloped into another warm hug, and he paused.

"you're fine," yoongi hushed,"it's fine.i get that you're kinda... insecure,you know? i'll get them to stop calling you that." he pulled away, and looked straight into taehyung's brown, doe eyes. "you know you mean the world to us, right? that you don't stick out?"

taehyung stared before letting out a soft laugh, his eyes glossy, and to be honest, the warm laugh gave yoongi life in the dimly lit room.

"y-yeah, hyung."

silence enveloped them for a few minutes before taehyung whispered.


his voice was shaky , and yoongi immediately got worried."tae?"

taehyung chuckled a bit,"i-i have something to tell you..."

"yoongi hyung, i love you."

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