End of the Road

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Azazel: To defeat Loki, Odin must return to north and get Mjölnir. But Ajuka Beelzebub, the one who teleported Loki, says he will only stop him for one day.

Rias: Only one day?!

Azazel: If, after regaining strength, Loki attacks us again, we will have a serious problem.

Rias: But if the King class devils begin to fight, another great war may come.

Azazel: If this happens, the war chaos that Khaos Brigade desires will begin. Beginning of the end. Ragnarök.

Akeno: Let's hope that Mjölnir will arrive...

Rias: Let me talk with my bro-... Sirzechs.

Together with Rias, I entered a room with four satans, Michael, Odin and Valkyrie.

Sirzechs: You want to try to slow him down?

Beelzebub: I can send only nine people to Loki at once. Later I can send one or two more. It will be a difficult mission.

Rias: I understand danger.

Sirzechs: And you, conduit? Are you sure you want to take part in this?

F/N: Of course, I can't look idly at a madman trying to destroy world!

Serafall: F/N is a (in)famous hero even in his world, I'm sure no one will mind if he helps us.

Azazel: Two people are already chosen, we can't waste time choosing people.

F/N: What?

Michael: Yes, we will send...

Smiling Irina came out of the shadows.

Rias: Irina?!

Michael: I'm sure she will be a good support during this mission.

Irina: You can rely on me!

Valkyrie: The opponent is the God of Asgard, I will go as well.

Sirzechs: Please, give us some time for transport Mjölnir.

We left the mansion and set ourselves up on a green teleport. The assault team included: Me, Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Kiba, Xenovia, Irina Issei and Valkyrie.

Rias: I'm sorry that we can't fight together, you will stay here with defensive units.

Asia: Hai... F/N, please come back healthy!

F/N: Of course, I won't leave you alone.

Rossweisse: I'm sorry I'm introducing myself so late. I accompany our Great Father Odin. My name is Rossweisse.

Valkyrie was now dressed in armor. As usual, Issei drooled as he watched Rossweisse's charms. He stopped only when Rias grabbed his ear and pulled him back from her.

Rias: Let's go.

Azazel: We are sorry that you must go.

Sirzechs: Grayfia...

Grayfia gave Rias some little box. When Rias opened it, I noticed that there are three small vials in the box.

Grayfia: Phoenix tears. That's all we managed to get in a hurry.

Sirzechs: This is a protection, as your healing bishop can't go with you.

Rias: Thank you.

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