Draco's POV

ITS ALL HIS FAULT. I HATE HIM. He took her away from me. I'll never see her again, ever. I couldn't control myself. I sobbed into her limp body. Her eyes were still open, I closed them. Then it looks like she is sleeping. After ten minutes or so I stopped, I kissed her forehead and sat back on the bench to tend to the crying Izara. I don't know what will happen next. Izara and her were the two things that were keeping me sane.

I got up from where I was sitting and walked over to the Slytherin table, the house that had been my family for my young teenage years, ish. Ron was weeping on the floor. I got to where he was sobbing.

"Get up Weasly!"

"Nnnnooooo." Ron couldn't control his sobbing.

"Get up Weasly!" I said more firmly.

He slowly got up from his cocoon on the floor.

"You lost as much as I did. Just so you know, it was all Pansy's and you fault that Hermione is dead. Pansy could be alive for all you know. SHE COULD BE ALIVE!! But Hermione isn't. Go forage your girlfriend out of the glass!" I said angrily, it's true though. Pansy could be alive. But Hermione isn't.

Ron ran over to the chandelier which was now sprawled over the great halls floor. The crystals that were a usual clear White was now an translucent red. Ron was bleeding from his hands by now. The glass was cutting him as he took the glass of of the mound in the middle of the shattered glass. I decided to help him as he had just lost his love, just as I did. After a minute of grovelling through the glass. We found her. She was loosing blood but still rasping for breath. Ron sighed in relief. One of the first years had gotten madam Pomfrey, she levitated pansy to the hospital wing with a Ronald following her.

I gave Izara to Luna and went to Hermione's limp body on the floor and picked it up and walked to the room of requirement, to the apple tree room( referral to Draco's special place). I wanted her buried there. Once we were inside I lay her down under a big apple tree, not the biggest but an apple tree just in front of the flowing river. I took off my school vest and transfigured an apple into a shovel and started to under the biggest apple tree. I brought her body over to where the hole is. Before I put her into the ground I lay her body in front of me. I put an protective charm around Hermione's body so that no one can ever harm her. The charm around her looks like an invisible box just as in Snow White. Even though she is dead she still looks like an goddess to me. Tears are now running down my cheek. I leaned over her body and kissed her forehead one last time.

I levitated the box once more into the ground and started putting the dirt over her coffin of sorts, the dirt never went through to her clothes. I knew she would have wanted me to do it the muggle way so I kept on digging till there only was a little mound on the grass. Instead of putting flowers on her grave I decided to put some of the most juiciest looking green apples I could find.

"Hermione Jean Granger, you were the one who made me happy again, the one who changed my life around. I'm not good with my emotions as you already know, I wish we could have spent more time with each other but that is not possible. I llllove you Hermione, I truly do, and with all my heart. I know you don't want me to pity you but you are my poor lioness, since you cannot see Izara grow up, I know that you will look over us. I don't know what else to say for I am about to explode with emotions now, but I love you Hermione." With those four words I broke down in painful sobs over her grave. I transfigured an apple into a knife and started to in grave the big apple tree I front of her now limp body and inscribed

'Here lies Hermione Jean Granger,

Founder of S.P.E.W

Member of the Golden trio

Loved by all,


Third person POV

That night Draco stayed by her grave with salty tears permanently stained on his cheeks.


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