the very beginning (prologue)

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a dm.

a direct message on twitter was what set everything into motion.

had i not uploaded one video, this message would've never been sent.

however, i personally believe that we would've came together no matter what.

- - -

6 months ago

i rolled over in my bed, hair sticking in all directions. i felt the sunlight coming through the window in my apartment, knowing it was likely time to get up and moving.

like usual, i grabbed my phone to do my morning social media check before i head to the gym.

nashgrier has sent you a message

i knew i had heard that name before, the vine days slowly creeping up on me.

"hey! i just wanted to let you know that your video on veganism has really hit me. you did great!"

"thank u:)" i replied, internally screaming.

i tossed my hair into a ponytail and found my favorite gym outfit before heading out the door and to my car.

for awhile, nash and i went back and forth about how i began my diet, how it's impacted me, the level of difficulty.. before we began to just talk about our lives.

for one reason or another, i felt like i already knew him. i felt like who he was and how he spoke was familiar to me.

"not to be weird or anything but i feel insanely comfortable with you" nash sent, the feeling of understanding waving through me.

"i know. it's crazy that we've only talked about such small things!"

i sent that, before confidence struck me.

"here's my number if you want to talk more!:) 978-316-8201"

within 5 minutes, i had received a text from him.


something about bella just stood out to me.

in the video i had first seen, her voice was so relaxed. the way she had spoke about her passion for animals and health lit something up inside of me.

i felt like i knew her.

with our first discussion, i trusted her. i trusted her with knowing things i hadn't thought to tell anyone else.

they say that when twin flames unite, you just recognize them. you know that that person, right there, is your person.

i found that with bella kane.

Author's Note:

hi my loves! it's been actual years since i've wrote something worth putting out for all of you. this story of bella and nash is going to be one of true, honest, beautiful love. the kind of love everyone dreams of. i've been very into manifestation and the belief of soulmates and twin flame connections for quite some time, and i think the concept of two people having a strong love is so important.

i don't think i've ever written a drama free book in my entire 5 years on wattpad. this one won't bring you drama, but it will bring you tears. count on it.

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