Chap Two: Surprise, surprise.

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I woke up with the sound of James, who is my landlord and the only family I had left, fighting with somebody but when I tried to get up; pain, hellish pain coursed through my head and I all but fell back on the bed.

"Ugh." I whispered but even the whispered sound was like a shout right now.

It took me all my strength to get up and make my way to the door, I opened it and peeked. James was arguing with a man, whose back was to me so I couldn't look at him.

"James, whats wrong?" I questioned and in that instance I saw the man stiffen. He just froze. And I looked at him warily. He had this very strange essence around him.

"Nothing Andie, sweetie, you go back in." He said with authority and I knew he meant it, the man who was with him started turning around but i closed my door and made my way to the kitchen.

I needed coffee. Loads and loads of coffee.

I was gulping down coffee when I heard a huge bang and fear crossed my heart.


I ran to my door and snatched it open. James was staring at my neighboring door.

"What happened, James?" I asked him and he looked at me and groaned.

"You have been drinking again haven't you?" he questioned and I winced. Oh god, here we go.

"James, please. PLEASE. Don't start with me." I pleaded and all my fury towards life came back. But I was different whenever I was angry I would cry like with big weepy sobs. And James knew that because he shrugged.

"Who was the guy?" I asked him to divert mine as well as his mind.

"Oh, he is the new tenant." James said and I waited for him to elaborate. But knowing him I should just have known he wouldn't give me any details till I asked him.

"So that's a good thing right? Why were you fighting with him?" I asked.

"Um, it's a good thing sure but I don't like the man and we were fighting because he was very much insisting to take the room next to you instead of going to the upper floor." He said and pushed his hands through his hair. I groaned, he wouldn't let any guy take the room next to me.

"James, please don't loose on tenants because of me, I will be okay. If he wants to stay next door then let him but please don't fight with him because of me." I pleaded.

"I can't help it lassie, you know how much I care for you and that guy, there was something wrong with him, he seemed so ... I don't know like a royal and then with the way he spoke like pure English and calling me sir, it rubbed me on the wrong side." He said and somehow the image of the man who i had met yesterday came to my mind. He had been like that.

"What's this guy's name?" I demanded but what would that matter anyway? I didn't know his name.

"It was Ivan Mallory." He said. Somehow that name suited him. I didn't remember much about what had happened but I remembered feeling his hands around my throat and his violet eyes. When they had looked into my plain green ones, I had flipped.

"Um, can I meet him?" I asked James and he grunted.

"Not if I can help it. That guy is dangerous Andie, trust my gut this time. He doesn't even look like someone who would stay in a place like this." James said and I nodded maybe it would be safer for me, if this was the same guy then it would be better if I did NOT meet him at ALL.

I was still thinking about the man from last night. He had been so authoritative with me and it had been his fault, but I didn't remember why he had tried to kill me and then in the last when he had called me 'my lady'. There was something definitely fishy about that man. He had spoken to me like he was from a whole different era, his posture suggested it too. But he had been handsome, so so handsome and to me he had looked so surreal.

I was still thinking about him when my doorbell rang.

I opened the door and gasped in shock.

"You." I gasped. The man at my door, it was HIM. The man was surprised too, it seemed like he had lost his tongue.

"Are you Adrianna Eden?" He asked in his English accent and I went dizzy, I nodded.

"Well, this is much unexpected, my lady." He said and then started ... bowing but when he saw my widened eyes he quickly straightened.

"It wasn't so hard to locate you then." He said and that's when I realised he was not so old anyway, he was around my age. 25 maximum.

What was he doing here?

"That is a question that will take some time to explain, my lady. May I come in?" He asked.

Just who was he?

"Pardon me, I forgot my manners there, I'm Ivan Mallory." He said and extended his hand, I raised my eyes to him when I realised that I hadn't asked him who he was aloud?

Did he just answer the questions that were in my mind? Oh lord.

"I'm sorry my lady, I slip up sometimes." He said apologetically but I blanched.

He was reading my mind.

He was freaking READING MY MIND.

"What ... are ... you?" I gasped at him and he gave me a smile. That's when blood curling fear went through me.

Suddenly he changed his mind and then took a step back.

"I will explain everything if you will just follow me." He stated

And then he started leaving.

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